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Today I’m going to tour you through the biggest VR arcade in the world also known as the VR Star Theme Park! Enjoy
Comment from : Nathie

Why not just go to a real amusement park I mean i love vr but really
Comment from : DaneOverTheMic

Imagine with cloud gaming we will get wireless small and comfortable vr headset combine with improving 360 treadmill. hopefully we get it before 2030.
Comment from : abySekai

Vedant A
straight from black mirror
Comment from : Vedant A

This dude wearing air mags dammm
Comment from : polakoiscool

Jon Zheng
I wonder if you can slide in to

Comment from : Jon Zheng

Abhinay Tete
can i watch the video without your face?
Comment from : Abhinay Tete

using technology from germany 15:46
not knowing how to write Köln 9:52 🤣🤣🤣
…apart from that this VR theme park is simply AWESOME 😁👍

Comment from : purzele88

Yacine Julian
You remind me of Frankie De Jong at Camp Nou
Comment from : Yacine Julian

Lucio Sierra
While you do this I don't even have a vr 😭😭😭
Comment from : Lucio Sierra

Lucio Sierra
Why are you wearing Nike Air mags
Comment from : Lucio Sierra

I'm stressing so much since I want a VR headset so badly ;-;
Comment from : Luxorens

Jake Levesque
Dude seriously wore Nike Air Mags to China. Rip
Comment from : Jake Levesque

Ayomide Daniel
I love VR

Comment from : Ayomide Daniel

Ken Sterner
How can the “bungee jumping” vr be anything like bungee jumping when they drop you like not even 2’ SLOWLY lol
Comment from : Ken Sterner

Nick Nickles
Each one of those vr set ups are in the $80,000-$250,000 on eBay lmao. I'll buy one if i hit lotto some got 100 games on em. Fire.
Comment from : Nick Nickles

people are saying this is android vr. steam vr is being used with this...
Comment from : Daniel

Brotuberplayer309 #LOGIC
Everytime I see the money mark I always think this "WTH THATS CHEAP" cuz Japan money is yen same as China but the name is different
Comment from : Brotuberplayer309 #LOGIC

noo im too small
Comment from : Blaydorian

Unknown Gaming
R those mags
Comment from : Unknown Gaming

joko marsudi
Reminds me of the fat people on mother space ship in Wall E movie.
Comment from : joko marsudi

Noizy Wolf
Yo what nikes are those
Comment from : Noizy Wolf

L. Shawn
Cöln actually has a Timeride in the city center, same vr tram but in Germany
Comment from : L. Shawn

Baby Yoda
Why do u have mags
Comment from : Baby Yoda

Ino Yt
I came here Bcz i thougt there Sword art online gameplay

Edit: am 12 years old so how many years Will full dive comes
*Lucky for 1 yr old kid

Comment from : Ino Yt

Tristan Chanthavong
Beat saber is the best game on my dad's oculus quest
Comment from : Tristan Chanthavong

Tristan Chanthavong
Hey Charlie from eyes the horror game is in flying witch broom
Comment from : Tristan Chanthavong

girish v

Comment from : girish v

lazer tag
kinda makes the VR arcades here look like shit.. except the void.. which is cool but expensive as fuck
Comment from : lazer tag

Mr. Shoe God
Anyone going to talk about his shoes?
Comment from : Mr. Shoe God

Mark McGaugh
Really? Not a single mech related one?
Comment from : Mark McGaugh

Firebird Aviation
Free Hong Kong
Comment from : Firebird Aviation

Mr Poupon
The future had just begun! The baby stages of all things VR are happening now. Kinda like when Nintendo first hit 👊 the scene. The evolution of all is starting to take shape and you homey are documenting and are apart of major history in the making. Cheers to all the fun n joy homeskillet!!🍳📞👽
Comment from : Mr Poupon

lol,I would say most of those middle and small size VR eqiupments are made by the company that I am working for atm.
We r specailised in produce VR and AR products . Factory directly wholesale,low inversment but huge profit. contact me on whats app +61491654078 or Email :calvin960321@gmail.com for more details.

Comment from : FAN FEI

This man is wearing air mags 2:36
Comment from : M E R

Samuel Muldoon
What they really need to do instead of having omnidirectional treadmills is combine an exoskeleton with an aerotrim (human gyroscope). Then, instead of just standing or walking you could sky-drive (have your body horizontal and facing the floor), climb stairs, twist left/right, etc...
Comment from : Samuel Muldoon

guillaume vu
So big but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of people
Comment from : guillaume vu

Denise Frempter
Love VR this place looks awesome. They have a really cool Jurrasic World ride at Dave & Buster's. The last one with the arm he called the most intense was at Epcot in Florida but I think it closed down. Wonder Works has a completely enclosed 2 seater capsule 360° coaster that is awesome... flips completely upside down- no goggles just a big screen in front of you in commplete darkness! Would love to take a trip & spend the day here.
Comment from : Denise Frempter

They write Collogne wrong (in german Köln)
Comment from : Aer0o0.77th

14:25 thank me later
Comment from : ROAST KILL

Jacob Halliday
Comment from : Jacob Halliday

Maurice Sirius
0:54 Yyoooooo this guy got these expensive Nike Mag
Comment from : Maurice Sirius

Miss Direction
You literally showed us a screen of a Jurassic Park when you were bungee jumping
Comment from : Miss Direction

Miss Direction
This was practically worthless video I wish you would’ve shown us what you seen
Comment from : Miss Direction

Its Gavin
No body gonna talk about the air mags in the video
Comment from : Its Gavin

Comment from : SpearChuckUngawa

Sebastian Maler
Are they sirious? "Bahnen der Stadt Cöln?" Typical China.. That City is called Köln. With a Capital K, like in the Name Khina. Who's too stupid to just copy a text? They build VR-next-gen shit but are not able to just copy a Letter..
Comment from : Sebastian Maler

Destroyer 83
At least try to show off with the beat saber
Comment from : Destroyer 83

Ryan Myers
Is he rocking those shoes from back to the Future 2? My man how much of those fuckers set you back?
Comment from : Ryan Myers

Romeros Zombie
It's China, Sure they are going to school?
Comment from : Romeros Zombie

Melissa Hooey
Iam just wondering if anyone has ever made a severe anxiety panic attack VR . If it was ever made it could help others understand what their loved one is going through. This could help destigmatize this mental illness.
Comment from : Melissa Hooey

Guy does Random things
Omg these things are soo cheap comapre to america its every 14 chinese yen is one doller like in amera these would cost way more
Like skke of these rides are like nearly more than 1 doller

Comment from : Guy does Random things

william65 gaming
Are his air mags real
Comment from : william65 gaming

Would be perfect if the graphics didnt look like crap. Like cmon they look like ps2 games.
Comment from : SWeMX

Darrgon Gamer
I hate your acent i know why it sounds like that because Your 🇳🇴 or swidish or danish well from Denmark
Comment from : Darrgon Gamer

sniper Wolff
Are u dutch

Edit: Never mind he just Said that he was dutch

Comment from : sniper Wolff

This man is rivaling jacksfilms forehead damn
Comment from : GOLDENSHOOTS 340

11:03 me studying for the test
10:24 me doing the test

Comment from : TheLastHabanero

I have Big peen
I love how the cameraman is just zooming in on random people's faces and they have no idea
Comment from : I have Big peen

David Em
whats "stadt coln"??

in germany its köln

in english its cologne.

stupid chinese

Comment from : David Em

Phaantom Gamer101
1:48 why is the countdown logo there
Comment from : Phaantom Gamer101

kram emher
Ya we only thought we won the space race. Communism is beating capitalism in technology.
Comment from : kram emher

- defaultик -
Now it’s not looking like: Made in China
Comment from : - defaultик -

I Win
How much was it to get in there? I love the fact that it looks like no lines for any rides.
Comment from : I Win

Brandon F
My boi got them $10,000 nike mags
Comment from : Brandon F

air customs
Fake mags look at the sole tesla jacket sold everywhere over there for about $50 that's probably around £43 this persons a fake
Comment from : air customs

Peyton Wisness
This is awesome I wish I could get to go one day
Comment from : Peyton Wisness

kimi liede
please tell me where it is
Comment from : kimi liede

NTK BraveBroccoli
Why are you wearing 25,000$ shoes??
Comment from : NTK BraveBroccoli

Dreamy chllv
"raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens " "STICKING MY DICK IN ROTISSERIE CHICKEN"
Comment from : Dreamy chllv

El Maikito
Pretty epic dude !
Comment from : El Maikito

It's Novas
Only clicked because I saw mags👀
Comment from : It's Novas

Steamy Ninja
I’ve never had an actual good VR, and I do not want one, but there is a reason. I am purposely waiting 3-4 years for me to graduate college and be in the workforce for a little bit because around this time I have very high hopes for the improvements of VR. It will be so cool.
Comment from : Steamy Ninja

That mf has Nike Air Mags.I’m jealous
Comment from : Megablademe

Winona Daphne
2:52 this is a great option for people who can't do extreme sports due to health conditions. or even just for people who are too scared to do the real thing. very cool.
Comment from : Winona Daphne

Nick Mase
Is anyone gonna talk about how this me is wearing airmags
Comment from : Nick Mase

Abrilla 2 M
Its empty because its china quality
Comment from : Abrilla 2 M

Space lover 900
Man I went to go there brb
Comment from : Space lover 900

Public Streaming
Very nice brother 🔥
Comment from : Public Streaming

Orkapipo Orkalino
Damn he had the back to the future shoes
Comment from : Orkapipo Orkalino

The Spider Geek
Imaging going there during the weekend!
Comment from : The Spider Geek

9:41 no wind 💨 still puts his hands up
Comment from : Dr.Daniel

7:35 Ready player one people only understand this “luckily I was smart enough to hide my password” wow what a guy 😂
Comment from : Dr.Daniel

15:20 I think to make it more real they should have had fans that synced to the vr world to simulate high wind when going down and up.
Comment from : PKTV

Poet's Poem
Oh god. They appear like they are held hostage by aliens.😂
Comment from : Poet's Poem

Burned Waffles
am i the only one who saw a uterus at 1:44?
Comment from : Burned Waffles

The Eclypse
If this is the future

This is sad 😢

Comment from : The Eclypse

The real avengers
Comment from : The real avengers

Aj. PlaysGames
I have to go
Comment from : Aj. PlaysGames

Novalium Company
6:54 Unfortunately, this is what the future looks like.
Comment from : Novalium Company

Marc Winther
stop wearing 25000$ shoes to the themepark!
Comment from : Marc Winther

Mina Campos
he has big ass feet
Comment from : Mina Campos

Risa Lockwood
i wanna live there
Comment from : Risa Lockwood

Derek Danie
Someone should build this place in the US!! Maybe in New Hampshire or Massachusetts
Comment from : Derek Danie

King SavageE
They need to bring that here in havelock nc
Comment from : King SavageE

Jack Haywire
Just Graphic level is too low.
Comment from : Jack Haywire

Alec Newsom
Bruh ur shoes look bad instead of buying those just go into a footlocker champs or eblens and find way better looking stuff there
Comment from : Alec Newsom

LemonadeCat :3
Anyone else notice his Nike airmags?
Comment from : LemonadeCat :3

Amrix Park
Your hoody tesla
Comment from : Amrix Park

10:55 it looks like a chip (crips)
Comment from : Lomminez

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