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Obese people won't enjoy it though 😀
Comment from : Allanzo

I hope battletoads will be available on Virtuix omni that would be awsum
Comment from : SHAD ANINO

Strawberry Apple Jam
Gamer's best exercise!
Comment from : Strawberry Apple Jam

Sheikh die while giving lecture after his word
"la ilaha ila Allah" Subhanallah 😭😭

Comment from : admic MEDIA STUDIO

Tylon Walters
And now all we have to do is "ready player one"
Comment from : Tylon Walters

Y 19
After a few year they will build it better gaming will be the boss 20 years from now
Comment from : Y 19

Landon Thomas
Wow I need that but it probably costs thousands of dollars
Comment from : Landon Thomas

Oh and of course the stupid gun comes out immediately 🙄😡🤬 GET A LIFE! PLAY PROPER GAMES

Comment from : R J

Now I know what I want for Christmas
Comment from : Leninova

Эмма Паньова
I think it will be better to have a belt instead of a solid ring
Comment from : Эмма Паньова

The spy Mawsta
Perfect for Ice skating VR
Comment from : The spy Mawsta

Why is this video in my recommendation after 5 years
Comment from : GeeKY GaMEr

Leandro Siqueira
Muito pobre, cheio de enrosco, movimento limitadíssimo, meu projeto é anos luz melhor e maior do que isso.
Comment from : Leandro Siqueira

For Better Experience Join Military
Comment from : Sameer

Rylynn nnylyR
Be a good lad and turn on the subtitle on the start of the vid, would ya
Comment from : Rylynn nnylyR

Daniel Finomo
The only problem I find I that the friction is strong
But ready player one was better

Comment from : Daniel Finomo

Azerbaijan Baku
Comment from : Azerbaijan Baku

Looks defunct already
Comment from : indigopilgrim

Zandy Zain
Ready player one
Comment from : Zandy Zain

Look at these noobs.
Comment from : G

This is the reply to all those people saying gamers are just sitting and playing and eating there is vr
Comment from : SAND MAN

Mohsin Khan
How much it cost for commercial
Comment from : Mohsin Khan

On About
What if you wanted to do a double backflip
Comment from : On About

Ready Player one in reality
Comment from : cuLiref

playing pubg and running to safe zone 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : akise

Jay patel
Mum tell me to do exercise......

After 10 minutes i buy this 😎😎😎

Comment from : Jay patel

Владимир чайковский
An interesting way to do exercise
Comment from : Владимир чайковский

Làm Thuê Trung Quốc
Hello youtu.be/45EeqmKuKqA
Comment from : Làm Thuê Trung Quốc

Rabby Hossain
How do you jump? Anyone interested to my comment hit the like button Bellow
Comment from : Rabby Hossain

Pillala Sudheer
I like it
Comment from : Pillala Sudheer

GamingReality '81
How much ? Over 1500$ ? No,no , no . 3def 3d and glasses or Oculus Rift is enough !!!
Comment from : GamingReality '81

ncuyy 03
Why are virtual floor devices uneven? whereas if the flat can be more realistic, because it can be adapted to the structure of the ground in a flat game land
Comment from : ncuyy 03

Amit Rawat
Now gaming will make you loose weight.
Comment from : Amit Rawat

Chameera Madhushan
which great virtual games and farmer movement

Comment from : Chameera Madhushan

Lance Uppercut
😂💦 k
Comment from : Lance Uppercut

El Niño
"So much more immersive than playing this on the Xbox with the PS4."
-34yr old single mother.

Comment from : El Niño

Comment from : Vaia

Jeosh Sandoval
The first step of ready player one hehe!
Comment from : Jeosh Sandoval

Chezter Cantil
Em i the one whos thinking thats lara croft right there ?
Comment from : Chezter Cantil

Monsters Rule
I really REALLY want this now
Comment from : Monsters Rule

Guess what Tik Tok video welcomed me before this video
Comment from : I-Deni-I

Asrar Aslam
Pubg wale kitne he ider😀😀👇
Comment from : Asrar Aslam

Senura Kaduwela
Ok ok now can’t we develop this into a sex toy or a sex simulator 🧐
Comment from : Senura Kaduwela

Rabbit Hodge
all it needs now is jump lol
maybe even lift someone up and rotate them around "!!IM FALLING HOLY SH*T!!"

Comment from : Rabbit Hodge

Super Saiyan
Terrible. Only light and fast people will be able to play comfortably.
Comment from : Super Saiyan

"Shooting was awesome."
Valve : Grinning

Comment from : Lapapsnow

ItsZEUSI Gaming
It looks so clunky
Comment from : ItsZEUSI Gaming

Victor Fabrício
Tem que dar um jeito de ficar totalmente parado no centro
Comment from : Victor Fabrício

Google Zone
Nice Technology click here📍👉 #GoogleZone
For more technical video

Comment from : Google Zone

Lan ti
00/10 the worst gaming simulator
Comment from : Lan ti

This will rot your brain and vision
Comment from : RideMyWave

Where can I get one!!
Comment from : DRUNK3N DRAG0N

At least now people be fit playing games
Comment from : Ayaan

von dagani
that gaming platform is a beast but with a fuckn lousy people to try
Comment from : von dagani

0:58 this is hard

that's what she said

Comment from : 先輩愛

Ye beznes
Comment from : ANAS KHAN

Sir kase Kar skate he
Comment from : ANAS KHAN

Once technology like this is mastered it will be so bad ass, but it will also cost $10,000.
Comment from : Zack

Slack Cellar
I hope it someday becomes like sword art online! Man I would die from excitement and probably won’t get a chance to play! 😂
Comment from : Slack Cellar

Comment from : LaZzzz

Comment from : 豆腐ハンバーグ

Unknow User
Where i can buy this ?
Comment from : Unknow User

Stricker Clan
I'm waiting for the no boundary experience where you can move free with running and jumping and not run into or hit anything
Comment from : Stricker Clan

Wirizlay official
You watch if microsoft buys this there make it a pay to win 🤣
Comment from : Wirizlay official

It's 5 years later, i wonder if they've made any progress
Comment from : ChandSlam

Achet Molo
No crouch and prone?
Comment from : Achet Molo

KangMas Matrix
They can use this to control machine war robot from distance
Comment from : KangMas Matrix

Trainz Android
Ready Player One
Comment from : Trainz Android

not uploading videos but have a subscribers
remember to crouch guys
Comment from : not uploading videos but have a subscribers

Talk ID
Comment from : Talk ID

So when I heard of VR in the beginning, this is what I thought of and was disappointed
Comment from : Drnapalm

Alex Poe
I want to play this 😀😀
Comment from : Alex Poe

Open Surprise
If you have to move more than your fingers and mouth, your no gamer
Comment from : Open Surprise

Snapdragon 9600
I play videogames to relax, not sweat to death. 😁Where am I going to fit the damn thing anyway?
Comment from : Snapdragon 9600

freeway rail
They found the absolute most uncoordinated people they could possibly find to test this smh
Comment from : freeway rail

David Njoroge
I am thinking of business could any one tell me how to get it
Comment from : David Njoroge

faceless void
imagine playing PUBG or COD using that tool🏋️‍♀️
Comment from : faceless void

H20 Delirious
this is like the Ready Player One film
Comment from : H20 Delirious

Akshayt Shikkalagar
What is the price
Comment from : Akshayt Shikkalagar


Comment from : 赤執事デス

Ace 43
If we had this now we will only be playing 5 minutes instead of saying 5 more minutes mom.
Comment from : Ace 43

Frank Bob
Yeah, cause I always wanted to sweat while playing Super Mario Bros. I wonder if this will make nerds more socialable when they come back to reality. After all who wants to leave Player one? Real life blows chuncks!
Comment from : Frank Bob

DarkSide of Pakistan
a gamer should have came in
Comment from : DarkSide of Pakistan

Comment from : みぃな雫桜

Monika Aledrovich
Reminds me of a certain scene from Johny English
Comment from : Monika Aledrovich

Jack kylloan
I love game watch
Comment from : Jack kylloan

King Kill42
If games are like this,I will not play them anymore
Comment from : King Kill42

i want to mountain climb with batman.
Comment from : egoy34

Allen M
The concave base seems like the problem. If it was flat seems like it would be easier.
Comment from : Allen M

ياسر ابن عرار
اكو عرب بالطيارة حطو لايك 😂😂
Comment from : ياسر ابن عرار

Aziz Ahmad
Now I can finally beat those over weight couch potatos that don't do anything but play games.
Comment from : Aziz Ahmad

Manjunath Desai
How much it cost i wanna buy
Comment from : Manjunath Desai

Naqi Ch
Plays skyrim
Runs forever

Comment from : Naqi Ch

I did this one time this so shit
Comment from : Kamil_TC

Reiben Sei
fvck i wanna try it too eow
Comment from : Reiben Sei

Comment from : KHAN ZADA ISMAIL

Wu Jay
5 years later. Where is this thing now?
Comment from : Wu Jay

Jay Laslow
This thing is a pos. Will be waiting for a far better system
Comment from : Jay Laslow

Peter Gašperan
The gun lacks motion tracking.
Comment from : Peter Gašperan

Vijay Singh
What about jump ?
Comment from : Vijay Singh

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