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Denis Winningham
Use a phone stand.easy
Comment from : Denis Winningham

stickman gaming
3:32 me in public places
Comment from : stickman gaming

camTDM the enchted Diamond minecart
Comment from : camTDM the enchted Diamond minecart

Rylan Bradbury
Bananas are green
Comment from : Rylan Bradbury

Yoshi77 Ramos
11:39-11:51 everyone's experience with Google Stadia at launch
Comment from : Yoshi77 Ramos

Erik Eidum
Nice hahahahahaha😋😋🤪🤪
Comment from : Erik Eidum

Amanda Joy Navarro
I'm so stupid i like this channel
Comment from : Amanda Joy Navarro

Murat  Yilmaz
"Why do you have infinity stones ?"

"Cause I am İronman"

Comment from : Murat Yilmaz

Judy Philley
I still play with legos
Comment from : Judy Philley

Lucifer yt
12:56 he predicted endgame more than a year before
Comment from : Lucifer yt

greg mason
i love dope or nope now i watch all the hi 5 videos thanks for it all
Comment from : greg mason

Angela in mercy.
Comment from : Ph2o

lizet green
I really like dope or nope!! Pls do a plants vs zombies p
Comment from : lizet green

Lucian Kane
Comment from : Lucian Kane

Jonas Zehms
Dope orrrr Nope
Comment from : Jonas Zehms

Flyboy Crickett
I love yalls videos i wanna get better at making videos myself
Comment from : Flyboy Crickett

Førtnite •rules
4:12 his head be like 🥚
Comment from : Førtnite •rules

The-Dire-Wolf X
12:54 lmao did Matt just predict Avengers Endgame?! 😂😂
Comment from : The-Dire-Wolf X

Uzair Khan
Comment from : Uzair Khan

Jalen Walker
Tbh i love your videos
Comment from : Jalen Walker

the kids group
yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : the kids group

Katelyn VCM
16:39 is what your looking for
Comment from : Katelyn VCM

Comment from : mcnamee1974

Sofija Jadadic
So funny😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Sofija Jadadic

scapbaby fnaf girl
Comment from : scapbaby fnaf girl

Lynne Smith
He burp
Comment from : Lynne Smith

Hunter Brown
Comment from : Hunter Brown

Cayden Light
Mercy’s name is Angela
Comment from : Cayden Light

I love the names of some of these
Comment from : Sora

Molly Emmens
Comment from : Molly Emmens

Lany Nanthasane
For the lego . You dont use the real legos the app makes a town on your phone
Comment from : Lany Nanthasane


jt qp
I love the chanel
Comment from : jt qp

David Evans
Comment from : David Evans

Ryan Long
Comment from : Ryan Long

Melidous and the Seven Sins
I have this and it's a piece of junk
Comment from : Melidous and the Seven Sins

Maxwell Gabriel
i love dope or nope its 2020!
Comment from : Maxwell Gabriel

me is are the positive ig give this channel big yes
Comment from : Krkl.

Heather Courtney
I saw daft punk you.......killed him
Comment from : Heather Courtney

Benji callaway
Your cool

Comment from : Benji callaway

Martin Aas Andersen
15:00 They clearly didn't read it. It says right in the title that it is a power bank.
Comment from : Martin Aas Andersen

Arlo_ Playz
Virtual archer:You can use it any where any time
Me at 12:00 am at the train station

Me :there its on your nose
Train conductor:where
Train:im gonna end this mans whole career

Comment from : Arlo_ Playz

DieAlone 12354
14:14 as a fellow overwatch player how could you mercy’s full name is Angelica Ziegler, srry if I spelt it wrong.
Comment from : DieAlone 12354

Breezy- Gacha
Im scared at 2:34 someone pops up in the window...
Comment from : Breezy- Gacha

Gi Cool
Matt:”Positivity only”

Also Matt:*negatively reviews a product*

Comment from : Gi Cool

Rod Almighty
Negative, negative comment. Two negatives equals a positive? So there you go a positive comment for you.
Comment from : Rod Almighty

Toiletfish 21
Dope or nope is a dope
Comment from : Toiletfish 21

Cash Lomerson
Whoever doesn’t like dope or nope Suck at life
Comment from : Cash Lomerson

Matt really predicted the end of endgame
Comment from : JW3ir02

I’ve seen this video hundreds of times but am I the only one who doesn’t understand what Matt means by “ take it out then take out and then put it back in then put it back in”
Comment from : WowieWow

juan martinez
i like this channel
Comment from : juan martinez

Ninja Gamer nick
Try breath of the wild
Comment from : Ninja Gamer nick

Asim Majeed
Comment from : Asim Majeed

Shannon Caldonetti
No I came for person on his own seat
Comment from : Shannon Caldonetti

The StawBerri Crew
17:44 This reminds me of the star wars chess game that chewie and han solo ? played on the melelium falcon

ps i cant spell

Comment from : The StawBerri Crew

cool legos
Comment from : cool legos

Ian.2.p Gutierrez
Gogel no ablen mucho para mas Likes👿🔥🔥
Comment from : Ian.2.p Gutierrez

GigajinGaming 3711
Matthias really needs to do the intro now and then..

Back in the ol' Days

Comment from : GigajinGaming 3711

Winston Liza
I love it
Comment from : Winston Liza

Michael Flores
Only positivity here if you wanna respond to me so yeah that’s my comment
Comment from : Michael Flores

Osvaldo Rangel
I HAVE a utopia, it cost me only 3.00 dollars at the thrift store
Comment from : Osvaldo Rangel

Nerf Master
Back off haters
Comment from : Nerf Master

Chuck meyer
dat cool
Comment from : Chuck meyer

trista732 gameing
I love you guys your
Comment from : trista732 gameing

Commander Xander The Salamander
👍 for lizzzzzz
Comment from : Commander Xander The Salamander

Planet_lucky 448
Hi 👋
Comment from : Planet_lucky 448

Blazer gamer
whos in 2020?
Comment from : Blazer gamer

Avi Lochan
Comment from : Avi Lochan

Radoslaw Krzysztofik
Comment from : Radoslaw Krzysztofik

Tom Turtle
I only wanted that one guy at the start not the others
Comment from : Tom Turtle

Sean Bingham
Nope or dope to negativity


Comment from : Sean Bingham

mackenzie chapman
you guys are so funny and you make my day when i watch you
Comment from : mackenzie chapman

Lunita Villalba
Hey my Name is Nancy and i like your videos a lot.
Comment from : Lunita Villalba

MR. Glitch Monster
Comment from : MR. Glitch Monster

“Positivity down below in the comments only”

Comment from : Tex

Matthias predicted endgame
Comment from : CrazyTruckGamer

Ciera O
Its a dope or nope new years eve. Watching all the videos over again lol
Comment from : Ciera O

Not Bruno
R.I.P. Napkin
Born:Sep 7 2018
Death:Sep 7 2018

Last words:"...."

Comment from : Not Bruno

Narcita Mallari
14:10 mercy is Angela
Comment from : Narcita Mallari

"Who's Angela? There's no Angela in overwatch!". You realize some of them have Hero names? You really thought her actual name was Mercy?
Comment from : Mutah

"Give me creativity" Me:Yeet positivity at you
Comment from : G A C H A F L O W E R

Austin Spannos
Negativity more like... I got nothin
Comment from : Austin Spannos

Zaydn Perkins
you guys are so stuuuuuuuuu cool
Comment from : Zaydn Perkins

Comment from : ChronoTheTurtle

daniel gill
are u 40 mikel
Comment from : daniel gill

poptartman4 is boss
1:41 mesoic
Comment from : poptartman4 is boss

Sammie Portis
Can I have your beads
Comment from : Sammie Portis

If only they knew that iron man actually got infinity stones
Comment from : Clown

Angela is mercy's real name
Comment from : Doggoboi

Comment from : Sabrinanina

is barely over a minute and is laughing in joy already you guys are so awesome. And cause me to laugh of joy so hard I cry. Lmao.
Comment from : mariamoon2

dec 0
Bit boring but fun for the money sub to them
Comment from : dec 0

magic demon
You guys are the best in YouTube
Comment from : magic demon

Carlos Faxas
If you guys like Mathias leave a like
Comment from : Carlos Faxas

Heather Winter
Try the upshot bow it’s super fun
I freakin love legos FYI

Comment from : Heather Winter

Leonidas Lafountain
my name is leo
Comment from : Leonidas Lafountain

Alex Smith
If you see this comment I hope you have a good day😀
Comment from : Alex Smith

Bence Csaszar777877
Comment from : Bence Csaszar777877

zaka mammen
Number 1. A VR headset
Comment from : zaka mammen

The Spartan
7:44 is that a hickey on tanners neck!?😱😱
Comment from : The Spartan

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