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Mike Diamondz
Wow this game if is more than 30 hours to play i ll buy vr set
Comment from : Mike Diamondz

george otieno
Bad pilot😂
Comment from : george otieno

Imperial 562
U Guys are cool n funny AF 😂😂😂😂💯
Comment from : Imperial 562

ezra ken
I'm thinking about building a vr rig or buying something like this so how do move in this games like it's not auto right
Comment from : ezra ken

New Subscriber!
Comment from : MadboyRogers

Smoke Tatum
pretty crapy game,
top ones for gunplay for VR are Onward and Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.

Comment from : Smoke Tatum

Tricia Watson
Can I have vr😇
Comment from : Tricia Watson

Mulder Scully
lol ...don't worry he's just a bad pilot.
Comment from : Mulder Scully

Gabe Collins
Lol that was funny when he pulled out the uzi with a bipod it just looks funny
Comment from : Gabe Collins

MZDS zone
the blue pill or the red pill?
Comment from : MZDS zone

Red Deer
Who’s here to see training tips for ww3
Comment from : Red Deer

cnmbeast salabao
I like you vid and I sub already now the vr give me
Comment from : cnmbeast salabao

joey mercado
Wen is this game is coming out?
Comment from : joey mercado

Roberto Tan
When you are picking up a grenade and just realized you pulled it's pin instead... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Roberto Tan

Gerardo Musto
Comment from : Gerardo Musto

Reggie Parker
How much does this cost,and WHERE can I find it
Comment from : Reggie Parker

Chsyton Johnson
Comment from : Chsyton Johnson

SportsBanter 38
Can never find VR shooter videos where tactics are being used, just a bunch of people acting stupid...
Comment from : SportsBanter 38

Ryan C. Reed
Don’t mess with the needy comon! - 3am this video is super funny.
Comment from : Ryan C. Reed

Agues Wibowo
4:32 your head is gone
Comment from : Agues Wibowo

Grégoire Morel-Pouliquen
Let's on the WW3
Comment from : Grégoire Morel-Pouliquen

Jannis der kann es
Anyone 2020?
Comment from : Jannis der kann es

Bolshevik Cosmonaut
Totally getting some Bad Company vibes.
Comment from : Bolshevik Cosmonaut

What's the name of the game again??
Comment from : gobravo123

Pete Smith
This is like doing military stuff really drunk. Good stuff mate. :D
Comment from : Pete Smith

Congrats! I'm celebrating for you with some Grey Goose🤫
Comment from : andrenegwer

Ganael Schneider
"I did it, I put your head back on" :D
Comment from : Ganael Schneider

Stephen Mason
4:32 "I might be dead a bit..." ----- "you head, it's gone!" HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
Comment from : Stephen Mason

A Jo
10:07: The Helicopter is falling!
10:09: The helicopter fell!
10:10: The helicopter blew up!


Comment from : A Jo

What is this game called??? Your rocking it!
Comment from : thesaltent

Presious P
This game was so awesome
Comment from : Presious P

Michael Rodrigues
Do you have to play this online?
Comment from : Michael Rodrigues

seliee jill
Comment from : seliee jill

king killer
4:25 he died dabbing
Comment from : king killer

I saw the thumbnail and thought it was the new modern warfare
Comment from : MEME Z

this is amazing and very funny good job boys
Comment from : corlinda

Kermit the frog
Whats this game called 😖😖pls answer
Comment from : Kermit the frog

mzoora derrick
These guys are soo funny? Ofcourse you can't fix this.. who fixes a decapitated body.?😂😂
Comment from : mzoora derrick

Sizzly Buckets
2:40 was the most believable "ohp--"
Comment from : Sizzly Buckets

sufai hashimoto
Comment from : sufai hashimoto

Lynch Mob
It’s not enough for the past 29 years you could actually go to foreign countries and do this for real?
I guess the fat, lazy, and feeble minded wanted to see what it was like.

Comment from : Lynch Mob

Michael Gerke
These two sound like they are in air farce training
Comment from : Michael Gerke

been watching you for a year already...just subbed sorry hahahh i only realized i didnt sub
Comment from : J DoT

Ray Perez
Yo do more of these I'm dying laughin
Comment from : Ray Perez

nnystikai Gakushū
Totally funny video
Comment from : nnystikai Gakushū

Kenny Powers
Casually answering that he's got a mac 10 with a bipod wahahhahaa.
Comment from : Kenny Powers

Jaden-da-Amazing Delaney
have u ever been killed in da game!!??
Comment from : Jaden-da-Amazing Delaney

This looks soooo much fun! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : CarChrisMC

Leah Pallister
I haven’t got that thing if you give me it thank you 😊
Comment from : Leah Pallister

AnAmericanAsian X
7:48 lmao 😂
Comment from : AnAmericanAsian X

hamza falougi
4:20 😂😂😂
Comment from : hamza falougi

Michael Oud
A flash suppressor...killing me bro lol
Comment from : Michael Oud

Solo Scriptura
“dude, your head.... it’s gone” 😂😂😂
Comment from : Solo Scriptura

hoodie 225
14:00 I love what he says lol
Comment from : hoodie 225

nick featherston
This is the new 21 jump street 🔥
Comment from : nick featherston

Nice game 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : ShamikSaren

jeff Zone
Can u make part two of this
Comment from : jeff Zone

Josh Pittman
I've never laughed so hard in my life

When he saw the Grenades and just yeeted the scar 😂

Comment from : Josh Pittman

Bérengère Audo
guys yu're sooo funny !! hell yeaaahh i'm suscribe !!
Comment from : Bérengère Audo

Sumit Singh
Sir can you give me m from india
Comment from : Sumit Singh

Kerwin Ronquillo
LOL @ I can't fix this!!!
Comment from : Kerwin Ronquillo

TheBLTGamer _
Am I the only one that died laughing at 4:21😂😂😂
Comment from : TheBLTGamer _

CarolinaChris 26
Honestly I see why y'all are at a half a million followers this shit is hilarious
Comment from : CarolinaChris 26

Lilg 3x
I laughed the whole time😂💯
Comment from : Lilg 3x

Michael Blek
i LOVE these VR videos
Comment from : Michael Blek

Rypz Tsc
When you lose your cheese puffs in the military
Comment from : Rypz Tsc

Is there a game like this non vr?
Comment from : Cactus

lmao :D guys for real what pc you must have to play such games with VR ? Can u have setup for like 2 grand(with the VR) playing this game ?
Comment from : MrOwnerxD

Vali Man
man this is so funny. I imagine my self playing with my bud will be almost the same :))
Comment from : Vali Man

peter jarvis
Really funny 😂
Comment from : peter jarvis

Danny Garden
When you saw the grenades you sound like a kid in a candy store, so funny. ;)
Comment from : Danny Garden

BENNY gaming
Hlo bro i want vr plez

Iam from India sikkim North

Comment from : BENNY gaming

Darlene Williams
He sounds like drumsy
Comment from : Darlene Williams

When 21 Jump Street meets the army
Comment from : TTX-ScTX

Quis Sway
😂😂give me da gun
Comment from : Quis Sway

oscar alegria
that last battle.......i don't wanna die! A Beautiful death!
Comment from : oscar alegria

Kitty Khat
Now use a treadmill and a haptic feedback kit with full body tracking games
Comment from : Kitty Khat

Guko360 YT
Is it as easy as they make it look?🤔 thinking about getting one.
Comment from : Guko360 YT

Woow, grenades! :D :D :D
Comment from : Shaker1978

Shout out ey how to I apply for the give away I followed said link but I my slow ass font know what to do i dont do alot of teck stuff lol but my daughter may like it ;)
Comment from : JAMES PELESS

Victor Tecpa
If this was a fps online game. I would literally buy a VR set and a computer that can run it just for this game.
Comment from : Victor Tecpa

prose and cons
I dont know if you already gave it away but can i have it plz I have been subbed for about 1or2 years now and really loved your vids oh and by the way I was talking about the htc 5 🤗
Comment from : prose and cons

9SHATRHM شاطرهم
ياعيال حتى الأجانب طلعو فله
Comment from : 9SHATRHM شاطرهم

The quest is never gonna have good games like this
Comment from : Bojangles

Jo Meredith
Comment from : Jo Meredith

Jo Meredith
Comment from : Jo Meredith

Cruiser John
Just hilarious to watch
Comment from : Cruiser John

Spy wolf
Comment from : Spy wolf

Polly Stewart
love it
Comment from : Polly Stewart

CT Lawrence
I want it
Comment from : CT Lawrence

El Hombre Mo
Lol. "Don't run out of bullets when not in cover". The only time you run out of ammo is when you are shooting. The only time you are shooting is when you are peaking out from behind cover. How are you supposed to run out of ammo while you are "in cover"?
Comment from : El Hombre Mo

Samantha Zavala
Hi tyler
Comment from : Samantha Zavala

I thought I was watchin a comedy scene from a movie a couple times
Comment from : NarutoNextHokage221

What VR headset is he using?
Comment from : DEADPOOL Gaming

Pete Wheatley
1927 Chase Street Ohio Toledo
Comment from : Pete Wheatley

Pete Wheatley
I want it
Comment from : Pete Wheatley

kids brown
me like vr and i subscribed you .-.
Comment from : kids brown

Spectrum The Video Game
This desperately needs a Battle Royale mode! Finding and adding attachments would be wayy too fun
Comment from : Spectrum The Video Game

Wyatt Heitkamp
best part was when he was running with two grenades in hands and giggles uncontrollably
Comment from : Wyatt Heitkamp

VR makes this console peasant really jealous 😂
Comment from : NovaDova84

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