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Ahmad Abdullah Faiz
I maybe 3 or 4 years late for this
Comment from : Ahmad Abdullah Faiz

Samuel Alazar
F me
Comment from : Samuel Alazar

Luigi Arantes
Colocou em português! FDP
Comment from : Luigi Arantes

Ria Bw
Lmao I laughed so fucking hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣 u r awesome
Comment from : Ria Bw

The Rekindler
who was the weird girl calling dex rude lol
Comment from : The Rekindler

suicidal bish
Hahahahahhahhahah OMGGGGG IM DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : suicidal bish

MoonGal 721
Second Life isn't a game. It's just a virtual world. There is no end goal. It's like real life, you can do whatever you want. I like to build houses and horse barns. SL is what you make it. You can't go in with an "its a game" mindset or you'll be disappointed and/or bored lol.
Comment from : MoonGal 721

loxer pin
Wooow like new sub
Comment from : loxer pin

Micka gamerzinha
No comproved
Comment from : Micka gamerzinha

Elizabeth Herrera
Comment from : Elizabeth Herrera

Vyshnav Vyshnav Lal
You are freking good dude your talking is very nice bro
Comment from : Vyshnav Vyshnav Lal

Quoc Vi
Comment from : Quoc Vi

Zubaida .Zawar
Hey I text u my name is in sl is teagen1234444
Comment from : Zubaida .Zawar

firestorm viewer is better
Comment from : Stormcruzerlore

Comment from : dash14

Giuliana HMA
hahaha... i was in this place Club SL ..... now somtimes im walking in cannibal sim :D crazy people :-)
Comment from : Giuliana HMA

Vee Cee
It’s not a game
Comment from : Vee Cee

martin terr
GRR!! Just saw this Video and really... what the hell are you thinking what you are doing? Second Live is a Social Network!!! AND NOT a mmorpg! Its is NOT about shooting around and get any kind of XP or so. ---- EVERY Person you FACE is a Real Person! Second Live has NO NPCs. Such is even forbitten, or the Person needs to be marked as BOTS. And by the way. With idiotic pushing other People... you should checked what you agreed with when you logged into game! Everyone you see on that Screen has to be treated, like you wanted to be treated yourself.
Comment from : martin terr

КОТлету ХОЧешь
Game's dead CZ peaople there are old boring married women with saggy tits cheating their husbands in the game
Comment from : КОТлету ХОЧешь

Daniel . Ledesma
Comment from : Daniel . Ledesma

Kassi Sky
Comment from : Kassi Sky

Renee Norton
Comment from : Renee Norton

Syafik Izudin
1:01 Haha.. 😆
Comment from : Syafik Izudin

lia quanz
I cant stop laughin
Comment from : lia quanz

If someone gets to be a replacement for Esteban Winsmore, it's Dex.
Comment from : imTheMrBEAN

Lay Santos
I love you 💓
Comment from : Lay Santos

chucky the killer doll
That Bebe girl in the being fucking hates me 😂😊😂
Comment from : chucky the killer doll

I don`t get this gameXD
Comment from : Fairytalesim

This is just stupid and rude. Nothing funny about it
Comment from : petbetpet

I used second life for 1 full year. It is hella boring most of the time, less you like listening to people troll or have a group of friends you continuously talk too.
Comment from : Hoaxcrit

nvbasedlad _
Settle down, ok?
Comment from : nvbasedlad _

Czech mate
Comment from : Czech mate

DJ_DaWolf -Roblox videos
to many bad words dude
Comment from : DJ_DaWolf -Roblox videos

lol the funniest part is when u sing hahaha i am crying of laugh good video i reallg like also am begginer for sl
Comment from : XxPhoeniXHeartXx

Bem vindo hoşgeldiniz moruk
Comment from : YAN

Mikey Harrigan
fuck that was awesome...... my gut and cheeks hurt from laughing so hard
Comment from : Mikey Harrigan

JT Castanea
ohhh you 2 are sexy! come and visit me at my beach called 'Island Sea Souls'  It is a gay welcoming beach.. kisses  ;-)x
Comment from : JT Castanea

this game is so messy
Comment from : M S

david stewart
very funny NOT its my RL dude..MEET ME
Comment from : david stewart

No c como llegue aca :v
Comment from : Hipster

Nadezda Kovacevic
Comment from : Nadezda Kovacevic

MrMrsMsMiss Cloud
I'd do you in SL and RL!
Comment from : MrMrsMsMiss Cloud

Lady Satine
Comment from : Lady Satine

Joseph Charles Colin - The New Face of Art
Come watch war movies to feel better....
Comment from : Joseph Charles Colin - The New Face of Art

Zubair Baraskar
Comment from : Zubair Baraskar

Mohga Kohn
Dex is probably the only one who looks attractive in real life while playing second life.
Comment from : Mohga Kohn

Black George Black George
cool xD
Comment from : Black George Black George

Samara Cristina
- gostei em 👍💜💜
Comment from : Samara Cristina

Samara Cristina
- gostei em 👍💜💜
Comment from : Samara Cristina

Uncultured Swine
Where's Lyle?
Comment from : Uncultured Swine

Gmodism Total Nerdery Channel
you enjoyd it in reality, i think ^^
Comment from : Gmodism Total Nerdery Channel

Juan Cruz
that was the song of storms he sang
Comment from : Juan Cruz

Klapki Mojżesza
2:42 xD
Comment from : Klapki Mojżesza

Roblox is second life 2.0
Comment from : Evan

-I can stop if u want
-Nah thats fine

Comment from : Evan

Comment from : AJ

Holy shit this video sums up SL

Please make more of this <3

Comment from : mraiwa1000

Despoina Kosmidoy
Omg xDD
Comment from : Despoina Kosmidoy

Lucrecia Tatsumoto
Next time open your map and sim hop xD
Comment from : Lucrecia Tatsumoto

Dex = Britbong confirmed
Comment from : eomdri

Momma Belle
I've seen this video so many times... still makes me laugh xD
Comment from : Momma Belle

I got an asthma attack when he started serenading them.

And I don't even have asthma.

Comment from : mOhNotone

I played Second Life yesterday for the first time, this video is just an exact representation of how I experienced it
Comment from : Monitorimatti

Zoey Love
Cherry184U try there.
Comment from : Zoey Love

Zaa & Zoe
his voiice 😘
Comment from : Zaa & Zoe

Only 30 seconds in and hes already mentioned my top 2 favourite games. I like this guy.
Comment from : strangerpilot

You are just an arrogant idiot.
Comment from : Trallabla

FUCKIN ocarina of time LALALALAA haha
Comment from : Cheezeblade

Nicole Cotterell
Comment from : Nicole Cotterell

Used to play Second Life a long time ago, got confused on why it was so empty and never went back.
Comment from : Daydreamer

this so so much shittier than britbong. cringey and annoying
Comment from : B D

Callum Cowley
this is my fav game of all time way better then call of duty and halo best game in world
Comment from : Callum Cowley

Steven Begovich
if you actually play this game for real you have a sad actual life lmao
Comment from : Steven Begovich

Natalie M
Comment from : Natalie M

Natalie M
Please make a video with my avatar ib it
Comment from : Natalie M

Natalie M
i go to tiki beach sometimes
Comment from : Natalie M

Natalie M
My second life Username is scarlet 67
Comment from : Natalie M

Natalie M
If your online in second life can i add you
Comment from : Natalie M

Janell Parsel
Comment from : Janell Parsel

Janell Parsel
i want to play it but it says i cant
Comment from : Janell Parsel

Please make more second life videos
Comment from : Animefreak84e

Jullien Brach
kkkkkk...very good
Comment from : Jullien Brach

Maryann Blancaflor
after that song all you see is me subscribing
Comment from : Maryann Blancaflor

Such and underrated Youtuber i swear.....
Comment from : Curtyy

More second life pls
Comment from : PicoTiffany

Comment from : kiranearitachi

Chloe Williams
make more of this
Comment from : Chloe Williams



Comment from : TheMacSopa

okay this kinda killed me
Comment from : manmaw

Nick Halbert
Comment from : Nick Halbert

More second life xD PLEASE!
Comment from : Kicktugo55

was that bitchy woman from Sunderland because it sounds like it and that's where i live
Comment from : Michael

Nikolaj Ladefoged
Comment from : Nikolaj Ladefoged

Comment from : shane44567

Petri Ševardnadze
it was awesome! more half life videos dex pls
Comment from : Petri Ševardnadze

Do not make a series about secondlife. Its a really weird place on the net.
Comment from : XeroNeroZero

Cosmic Turban
There is now an ad for second life above the list of suggested videos. But this was pretty funny, that lady got really uncomfortable and bitchy.
Comment from : Cosmic Turban

Comment from : EDEN

Claire Doonan
omg yes
Comment from : Claire Doonan

Comment from : 20jack

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