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Flying Gorrila Gameplay No Commentary Pro FG Player
if you chose vampire you could have been DIO

stone ocean is getting animated

Comment from : Flying Gorrila Gameplay No Commentary Pro FG Player

Grace Munroe
SL is NOT a game, lol.
Comment from : Grace Munroe

cristi gamer
It look so bad
Comment from : cristi gamer

Rebel Wolf
I wonder if she ever came back...she is 3 years and 10 months old now..technically not a noob anymore......
Comment from : Rebel Wolf

Bambie:says an avatar looks like a guy from sherlock
me: Doctor strange
also me: Why is it that Marvel superheroes act as sherlock

Comment from : UNBEKNOWNST

Kaedee Valerie
Omg any 2000s kids? Hai! Damn memories, nostalgia
Comment from : Kaedee Valerie

Put on your real voice,we all know its forced, or it sounds REALLY put on and fake. Either way, fix it pls, try to sound more natural cause i find it really irratating to hear. Sorry for sounding rude :(
Comment from : Liz

Digital zone
hey pls play getting over it
Comment from : Digital zone

bad-ro Pedro
is this dragonball why is she flying?
Comment from : bad-ro Pedro

MrMinion YT
so this is a mix of roblox sims club penguin club penguin island
Comment from : MrMinion YT

sweet cutie
Full of bullshit going on there, not even the workers helping the vips there
Comment from : sweet cutie

Carlos Loff
Not a game - Calling SL a game is like calling Facebook or Gmail.a game, you are sleeping under a rock and not ready to.make any video about SL
Comment from : Carlos Loff

Bopa Digital
Thats no sherlock thats steven strange, peasant ...
Comment from : Bopa Digital

Ahmad Zafar
tried to copy the sims???
Comment from : Ahmad Zafar

Kittynoscope Gamer
I have to log in for my tafe course WIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :[...
Comment from : Kittynoscope Gamer

i just received cancer
Comment from : Abbon

M Irsyah
Cute voice
Comment from : M Irsyah

Chris Doyle
I lasted 15 seconds with your bullshit voice and your Cali valley girl with a shit british accent.
Comment from : Chris Doyle

Jaime Fisher
The game looks like shit 😂
Comment from : Jaime Fisher

Mr PixZ
your voice is beautiful
Comment from : Mr PixZ

Akhil Ganapathi
I muted because she sounds like pornstar
Comment from : Akhil Ganapathi

Nikolasz Lévai
Tiszta dzsodszi
Comment from : Nikolasz Lévai

XxrastikooxX x
The intro fills you with DETERINATION
Comment from : XxrastikooxX x

Feisty Kitten
i like the enthusiasm (cant spell)
but ur voice gave me a headache XD

Comment from : Feisty Kitten

Maynard Talisayon
Tyler: Will you be my girlfriend?


Comment from : Maynard Talisayon

The main screen of SL: a girl face with a rose in lips. Only lips are closed but rose is just a layer on it. Rose stem is not coming from girl's lips, otherwise lips would a little bit open. Stem would occupy space for lips and lips would be a bit displaced.
Comment from : Tomasm21

aya laboss
Comment from : aya laboss

Comment from : KingsArk

Bubbles Cracker
what do u prefer?? SECOND LIFE or SIMS or AVAKIN LIFE????? hmm.....
Comment from : Bubbles Cracker

jen pen
i tryed it but wouldnt open up :c
Comment from : jen pen

Comment from : emm's3113

Patrick Nelson
wtf is this
Comment from : Patrick Nelson

Dirnguk Saiske
Stop that annoying sound your making
Comment from : Dirnguk Saiske

Comment from : peaceRifat

Comment from : peaceRifat

iamUNIVERsoul36 wmay3199
I miss second life. Haven't played since 2009 but gonna buy a new computer and get back into it. William carrasco was my name
Comment from : iamUNIVERsoul36 wmay3199

your new subscriber hear
Comment from : YPB VENOM

Gloria Santiago
Comment from : Gloria Santiago

AFK_Germany FreeZe
your voice is so fuckin cute omg !!!!
Comment from : AFK_Germany FreeZe

clear evidence
another one eyed illuminati product. poor graphics is a part of their strategy, they will improve it gradually...
Comment from : clear evidence

ZSK Gaming
i thought this game had naked girld
Comment from : ZSK Gaming

Genesis Matthew Edrosa
you can use wasd xd
Comment from : Genesis Matthew Edrosa

Kesonyile Koza
this reminds me of the sims 1
Comment from : Kesonyile Koza

Single use Plastics
ARe you like, twelve? Where are your parents?
Comment from : Single use Plastics

Comment from : STARROCK

Sir Lance Goodthrust
girl your voice is so god damn annoying
Comment from : Sir Lance Goodthrust

Mr Wolfy
lemme tell what this is:
Gay people's game.

Comment from : Mr Wolfy

Lil hoe peep
So basically it’s a Btec IMVU.
Comment from : Lil hoe peep

Doctor Potassium
lol this is cringe
Comment from : Doctor Potassium

Mika Hood
I love piggies 🐷
Comment from : Mika Hood

Rukman Mukherjee
why do you scream without any reason it made me deaf
Comment from : Rukman Mukherjee

How Big is the Map?
I walked across the biggest area in Second Life from end to end to find out how big it was. IT'S HUGE! It took me 2 hours and 54 minutes!
Comment from : How Big is the Map?

Babs Resident
Bambi ..COME BACK! Me and my friend will help you and show you how incredibly amazing SL truly is ..Log in and using a FIRESTORM viewer you can DL from here www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/ Almost everyone uses this viewer and it has amazing bells n whistles ..IM me BimboBarbie Resident aka Babe and we will make sure you really see how incredible it is and what the endless possibilities are ok? ♥
Comment from : Babs Resident

lol so this " GAME " is still absolute GARBAGE ? after all these years ? ..
Comment from : 7thSmurf

JowyDon DSTR
i bang that one lol
Comment from : JowyDon DSTR

ღℓιℓуǥℓøωє χ тєƒƒαღ
That was the worst 10:43 seconds of my life
Comment from : ღℓιℓуǥℓøωє χ тєƒƒαღ

Oh Roblox WOW 😲😲😲😲💋💋💋
Robux I DEAD👎😢

Comment from : nurlanVIP

josephine Lee
what wrong
Comment from : josephine Lee

Melissa Amy
OMG wanted to watch this video but not sure how much longer I can with this humans voice -_-
Comment from : Melissa Amy

Charlie Media
Only been going for years as it used to cost money and my mad brother has a nightclub & mad partys on s-life,it is a Linden Lab's done a great job with the whole 3D aspect he has 6-HD screens all in one of his clubs with a packed grafic's game of sort's ''not my cuppa tea'' . A lot of people where in this year's ago and just build & build shops to generate money or Linden dollars to alsorts of nutters getting married Online ,as showen on TV but just not a lot of people use nassive PCs now with Gaming Cards that can handle this high -end virtual world 0/
Comment from : Charlie Media

you scream a lot
Comment from : CloudyXtears

Arun JP
Love ur voice
Comment from : Arun JP

You american or russian?)
Comment from : •KRIS•

Samantha King-martin
I subed and I love ur vids
Comment from : Samantha King-martin

Roblox Guest 2000
Is it for kids lol sec life ad is annoying
Comment from : Roblox Guest 2000

The Sting
Comment from : The Sting

Learn how to fucking speak and then make some you tube videos ,you fucking illiterate
Comment from : offtv50Hz

World Vanquisher
Second Lie
Comment from : World Vanquisher

Zaid El limon
Di _ un____cantante y___luego tapate___la ____boca ____pega
___esto____en_____3____comentarios_____y _____luego ____mira ___tu

Comment from : Zaid El limon

Problex Alb
Worst fucking game and stupiest game in world!
Comment from : Problex Alb

Ugliest cutsie voice ever
Comment from : Bilal

roblox hasbetter graphics
Comment from : Snowy

nick roberts
i used to play this back in 2008/2009
Comment from : nick roberts

Mia Li
0:15 she sounds like Dolores umbridge from Harry Potter

0:58 she sounds like she just had a major voice crack

2:09 screams for no reason and says “Lort”

20:20 says she sounds like she is a 5 year old girl, then puts in a spongebob meme

Comment from : Mia Li

Valeria Ordonio
los sims 4 es mucho mejor
Comment from : Valeria Ordonio

Bruh for a digital real world, that looks shitty, i always get that whenever i download something on Mediafire.
Comment from : ZaddleP

abi yasa cahya
This game's ad keep appearing on my laptop
Comment from : abi yasa cahya

Mr butt G
ooooh just shut up
Comment from : Mr butt G

The Goddamn Batman
"A day in the life of a newb in 2016, something you never see anymore."
Comment from : The Goddamn Batman

Cookie Power
you can have 🚼.....
Comment from : Cookie Power

play station
stupide game
Comment from : play station

black dragonz
Can you not SCEAAAAM ???? It's soooo irritating to my ears !!! Or at least use a program that " normalise" your high pitch !!!! You're such a pain in the ass bitch !!!
Comment from : black dragonz

am getting 1 fps in this game on my cute shit pc what a shame lol
Comment from : XxPhoeniXHeartXx

Aniyah Vlogs
I love this video! Haters better deal with it!
Comment from : Aniyah Vlogs

Aniyah Vlogs
Who is watching in 2019?

Comment from : Aniyah Vlogs

avakın life ••MELEK••
What is this 😱
Oh its second life

What is this 😱
Oh its me

What is this 😱
Oh its not a game

What is this 😱
Oh its a game?

Comment from : avakın life ••MELEK••

Hytang Patel
You constantly scream(high pitched) as if u gonna swallow the mic.And u r grown up, stop acting as a 10 year old child.Really need to work on your stuffs.
Comment from : Hytang Patel

o sabio
She sounds like a reeeaaal whore!
Comment from : o sabio

ash Da ripper
this game seems old
Comment from : ash Da ripper

Sibi Sekar
Cringe 101
Comment from : Sibi Sekar

Mr. Bones
Don't play this game it has so many weirdos on it...
Comment from : Mr. Bones

"It makes me sound like a five year old girl"
Gee wonder what else makes you sound like a five year old girl..

Comment from : Rrysrats

Francisco Q
Hello Bambie. Are U still on Second Life? I am new. It's nice but is confusing. I am usually at London or End of days club.
Comment from : Francisco Q

Delete Tv
Comment from : Delete Tv

MRI Awala
I'm downloading it on my Windows laptop
Comment from : MRI Awala

Basil Tsla
i was first think its kid game when i saw the girl in there am like WTF is that
Comment from : Basil Tsla

katofrie or watever second life in my opinion is so frigging dumb
Comment from : HTHEBEST

intro is fuckin trash
Comment from : RAZER4

Dheeraj Maurya
girlish ....
Comment from : Dheeraj Maurya

Shawna Lisa
Worst virtual world ever! Let me begin with how badly it's made... Most sims tend to lag because of users who want to max everything out with scripts and particles, that not even the highest powerful comp can't even handle it. Then the trolls will tell you, you need a brand new computer because what you have is not up to par (totally not true). Secondly, the game is overly sexualized in the darkest form ever imaginable. I've seen avatars walk around with smutty particles in their mouth and anywhere you can imagine, while welcoming you to SL. The G-rated and Moderate areas contain smut regardless of their rating. Trolls and griefers are everywhere and the lag is horrendous on most sims. Last but not least, it's also unsafe to play because anyone at anytime can run a script that can cause damage to your video card etc. Linden Labs doesn't acknowledge this fact and deletes any post on their site mentioning it, but it's true. I've have had several friends who have come across this issue and when they complained they got told otherwise. I have seen my video card heat up at unhealthy levels while on Second Life. So really you are better off playing something far less so complex like there.com. Which is more user friendly, but still for 18 and up. You won't come across any porn content there.
Comment from : Shawna Lisa

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