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Oh lala love shop kankakee, easton stealth cx hockey, alacena y bajomesada de algarrobo, darkside tom stoppard trailer lights, shoots plants names with mouse


James Turner
When Deli yells at you, 11:16, it's time to shut up and just fly right 😂😂
Comment from : James Turner

Adriihx XboxX
Link mod idiots?
Comment from : Adriihx XboxX

Bonabo Games
How do I do this?
Comment from : Bonabo Games

Brian Maidana
Se puede jugar online en ps4?
Comment from : Brian Maidana

wtf that big mouth close your fuking mouth
Comment from : GHOST TECHNO

Laura Abkjær
what is it for a mod?
Comment from : Laura Abkjær

Mara Schneiders
What kind of program did you use to be able to talk to each other online? :)
Comment from : Mara Schneiders

Sofia Clarice
What the website they used.
Comment from : Sofia Clarice

Qualah M
Make a family together
Comment from : Qualah M

One 13
Geci undorító
Comment from : One 13

Solo Diva
Video of the year !!!! LOL , I can watch this 20 times in a row and I loved the part where deli yells at James.
Comment from : Solo Diva

Maxine Ward
i'm starting to think deligracy is missing something between the ears.
Comment from : Maxine Ward

Mackenzie Wiens
How r they doing this?
Comment from : Mackenzie Wiens

Recep Günden
Good video 😉
Comment from : Recep Günden

RobloxLover- Lea
type motherlode for free money ! I have 9M now :D
Comment from : RobloxLover- Lea

Trevor Davis
How do you play with other player on the sims 4 xbox one
Comment from : Trevor Davis

Marijo Naive
Them arguing on wew-hoo's name😂
Comment from : Marijo Naive

Gemma Burling
Best thing i've seen in ages!! 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Gemma Burling

Soraya Marangoni
My sims 4 code is QF4UR46 add me as a friend!
Comment from : Soraya Marangoni

Unicorn Blood
Howd you not link the mod
Comment from : Unicorn Blood

maraye mason
Comment from : maraye mason

Emeons Cosplays
Does custom content and other mods work? Like if i have a piece of cc on will it show up for the other person?
Comment from : Emeons Cosplays

Hi like your video alot and so funny, got question how do get Sims 4 Mutiplayer Online what steps you have to do can u help me out.
Comment from : BradtotheBone

Is this mod still a thing? Can't find it anymore...
Comment from : Searion

Poppie Davids
Lol this video is hilarious😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Poppie Davids

Comment from : Typical.Molliexx

i love you, Børge son of tengal!
Comment from : Hasoni25

Comment from : Quartzite

Maria Murad l ماريا مراد
can i play with my friends online???
Comment from : Maria Murad l ماريا مراد

the emojis are cringe
Comment from : OasisRed

Anna Haug
See what you did there James

Comment from : Anna Haug

I love that they are arguing they are so deam cute😍😍😍😍
Comment from : _Auroria_

Gamer Deijean caruana
2017:Nope not yet
2018:Not now
2019:LETS RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE! You can like or not also please no dislike 😉i didn't know when this vid is made so i did 2016 to 2019 Youtube recommendations in a nutshell

Comment from : Gamer Deijean caruana

14 9
My English teacher is named Mr. Syied
His name is
Syied syied

Comment from : 14 9

TheRealCrAzYGirl_ YEET
She looks like Barbie ish
Comment from : TheRealCrAzYGirl_ YEET

Jodie Sterritt
Oh my gosh you and Clare siobhan should do this! Please!💕
Comment from : Jodie Sterritt

You guys should do multiplayer with two parents and a toddler.
Comment from : 2222lilly2222

Jake Lewis
love this vid, can use do a video on how to set up the mod
Comment from : Jake Lewis

Vitus Anuniru
I saw his tummy
Comment from : Vitus Anuniru

Ship names:

Mames or Jaddie

Comment from : emkailew

Abisnail The Snail
I have the exact same Grinch onsie😂
Comment from : Abisnail The Snail

Linnea Rhodes
Delis face at 4:20 😂😂😂
Comment from : Linnea Rhodes

Black Gem
Deli made snooky
Comment from : Black Gem

Alone Profits
How to play together?
Comment from : Alone Profits

Idk Im wierd
When deli says big big booty Its Ok But when semaj does hes a perv😂
Comment from : Idk Im wierd

Mariah Kemp
lmao that whole whew hew fiasco lmao shes retarded
Comment from : Mariah Kemp

Skye Zwicker
Deli the name does not make sense James is right lol 😂
Comment from : Skye Zwicker

Omg!!! More please! This was sooo great!
Comment from : BlackBubblez

Maddy D
Moral of the story, don’t play multiplayer build mode with Deli 😂
Comment from : Maddy D

Purple Reign
Deli: goes out with Jack
Also Deli: leaves Jack to introduce herself to another potential love interest
Also Deli: "I feel like Jack's a bit of a flake"

Comment from : Purple Reign

Zoe Kingston
The best sims duo EVER 💞💞💞
Comment from : Zoe Kingston

Kirsty Sarge
Comment from : Kirsty Sarge

Mtx Biebz
I 👏🏽 ship 👏🏽 it 👏🏽
Comment from : Mtx Biebz

campbell reagan
i ship🤭
Comment from : campbell reagan

Esme Ostrow
Comment from : Esme Ostrow

Does anyone know if I can play with my friends in sims 4 on PS4
Comment from : Guvv

Khori XO
Now im just gonna have to find friends
Comment from : Khori XO

The Office Sis
Teleport= shift + click (destination)
Comment from : The Office Sis

Chris Perouty
People say Cindy Lou Who
Comment from : Chris Perouty

Deligracy: hi it’s deligracy here obviously

Me: oh I thought James would be here

Comment from : Reckless

Sydney Turner
9:17 sister scandal

Semaj chest hair = 100%

Comment from : Sydney Turner

Atomic Cracker
Moders are Better than the developers...Moders deliver what the players want!!!
Comment from : Atomic Cracker

Is this mod still a thing?
Comment from : BeautyByShamae

Igor Brito
Ri baixo, menina.
Comment from : Igor Brito

End Less
Comment from : End Less

Katherine Torres
What's deli EA id? So I can download builds or sims? Help please!
Comment from : Katherine Torres

Maneet Hira
"when the glove fits" 😂😂😂
Comment from : Maneet Hira

Lydia Leigh
Try saying "Wew-hoo Woo-Who" five times fast while reading it. I literally caused myself physical pain trying to do it.
Comment from : Lydia Leigh

The grinch trying to extinguish the fire with his tears. Classic.
Comment from : Lisa

Sára Doležalová
This is seriously the best video on youtube. 👌🤣
Comment from : Sára Doležalová

Where can I find the mod?
Comment from : ビッチ

Modders can do this but EA can't!?
Comment from : MewDenise

Luna Marie
Sims 5 please do multiplayer!! Or just get the person who made the made and pay them to officially add it
Comment from : Luna Marie

b k
i ship them so hard
Comment from : b k

Cam Dachs
Comment from : Cam Dachs

Samaj 13:34 and 9:16
Comment from : Shahvts

Lisa's life official
I ship... wait no she’s in s relationship 😂 nevermind
Comment from : Lisa's life official

Kierra Lynn
Where is the link for the multiplayer mod?
Comment from : Kierra Lynn

Mikayla Schaffer
I was listening to James’s voice and it sounded so familiar and I had a massive realization that I watched his videos obsessively like 3 years ago. I didn’t even realize he was Flabaliki!!
Comment from : Mikayla Schaffer

this is so funny, we need sims 4 multiplayer to be a real thing
Comment from : Pipeblau

Is the mod easier to use now?
Comment from : Rogred

Fadilla Achmad
James is beautiful
Comment from : Fadilla Achmad

I just wish sims was online multilayer. Can they just add it
Comment from : Xenor

Elizabeth Shriley
What is the mod called
Comment from : Elizabeth Shriley

Elizabeth Shriley
What is the mod called
Comment from : Elizabeth Shriley

hunny bubs
why is nobody discussing the back and forth flirting ?
Comment from : hunny bubs

Blanco Billions
this guy is so gay
Comment from : Blanco Billions

Can you still play multiplayer on pc?

What’s the link to the mod?
Comment from : Overseer_King

Kailee ̊
How do u play online!?
Comment from : Kailee ̊

SomberGoat 79255
What's the mod called?
Comment from : SomberGoat 79255

Ash Barnes
The sexual tension honestly
Comment from : Ash Barnes

Nadia Silver
Deli! U da control freakiest! love you lol.
Comment from : Nadia Silver

Anita Rooyakkers
Omg you guys completely nail Prue and Trude 😂 you're my faves!!
Comment from : Anita Rooyakkers

Man y'all jus need to shut up and date
Comment from : Luke

The South African Gamer
This video is almost a 1 year old. Damm time flies.
Comment from : The South African Gamer

Bay bay bay bayyyyyy

How you doin today

I’m gonna come to



Bay bay I


The sims I get all the whims.

Comment from : Cecpicious

Comment from : kjrc123

AlexBamZ 05 Music
You must get a lot of notifications on the sims gallery
Comment from : AlexBamZ 05 Music

Comment from : meah

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