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dottied cat UwU
I wish o never had an oculus go..
Comment from : dottied cat UwU

King James of robloxia
3:09 I am leaving
Me: "Definitely Use This Line When Freaky Shit Happens"

Comment from : King James of robloxia

Pugfacer 11
0:15 is da best
Comment from : Pugfacer 11

Milk Puff
Comment from : Milk Puff

Stephanie Mitchell
4:47 that's pretty much the gist of VRChat, isn't it? The VR world is full of attention hoar clones. Isn't it?! ISN'T IT?!
Comment from : Stephanie Mitchell

Wolf foxsnow
12:20 #Honeybee I love your vids btw I'm a kid and I don't have vs chat:(
Comment from : Wolf foxsnow

ᛕ ᗩ ᗰ Ꭵ ᛕ ᗩ 乙 ᗴ
I fainted while watching
Comment from : ᛕ ᗩ ᗰ Ꭵ ᛕ ᗩ 乙 ᗴ

ulises orsa
si hablara ingles o tuviera subtitulos en ingles
Comment from : ulises orsa

Zil Co
I wonder how ghastly these people look in real life.. yikes! It’s like they finally found a way to be social without leaving the basement. 🤣😂
Comment from : Zil Co

Gunguy3658 Robloxz
I hope age 21 on 2030. New wireless vr on 2021
Comment from : Gunguy3658 Robloxz

Caley Keast-Jones
6:23 I lost it 😂
Comment from : Caley Keast-Jones

Tommy Khong
Comment from : Tommy Khong

Clayton Langley
You’re beautiful inside I bet lol
Comment from : Clayton Langley

Sosie Martinez
Oh ok cool I’ll let you go and get it done tomorrow and I’ll send it out to ya for sure I’ll get ya it tomorrow and I’ll send ya a text I’ll send it tomorrow when you gonna get it I wanna was like that I didn’t see it I was going on a date with you haha haha was the time I got it to get me a new car and then it was a crazy day so I don’t have to get my shoes and all my stuff is coming so I’m not gonna it was a good time for me to come get it and then go pick up the car I don’t know if I want it to be me too but I don’t have a problem I’ll give ya it tomorrow when you get there a couple of days maybe I can go get home I love you so I don’t have a car to pick me up and I have no idea how much it is I don’t want anything else to get to
Oh ok well

Comment from : Sosie Martinez

Sosie Martinez
Oh ok well I’m sorry I didn’t get to work I was
By far my favorite game on the iPhone app works for me haha haha day is that the app works for it haha haha would be a better app to be better but

Comment from : Sosie Martinez

She’s desperate
Comment from : KanadeBeats

Crescent Moon
Rumor has it that person is still the sleeping
Comment from : Crescent Moon

Bad Trip
9:17 jeez... 0_o that kinda scary
Comment from : Bad Trip

Basma Allamaakchaoui
i want sombie s avatarrrr uwuu
Comment from : Basma Allamaakchaoui

Some Yeeter On The Block
The real question is, who took thumbnail photo
Comment from : Some Yeeter On The Block

Michelle Santos
Do u kno da wae?
Comment from : Michelle Santos

Rayne Davila
Comment from : Rayne Davila

Minh Nghiem
#perv smurf#
Comment from : Minh Nghiem

Aviva Gauvin
Why is she so RUDE 🤣😂and in the same time it is sad🥺
Comment from : Aviva Gauvin

almog gg welp
Comment from : almog gg welp

Squishygirls forlife18
Thank you, ugly person
I almost DIED 😂😂😂😂

Comment from : Squishygirls forlife18

DBZ_ Meif'wa
Uhh... That's not a part of you, right? Me: sees sayori


Comment from : DBZ_ Meif'wa

Landon Draws
Anyone else see nagito turn into an anime girl?
Comment from : Landon Draws

Burning Godzilla 1995
5:09 great I have nightmares thx a lot 6:35 XD THAT WOULD BE SO ME RIGHT THERE
Comment from : Burning Godzilla 1995

😪😪😪😪😪😲😲😲What happened?.
Comment from : Jordzyi1

R2 - D2
This channel is weird
Comment from : R2 - D2

Herobrine Demon [The Unstoppable Demon]
This is what happened I played VR Chat, Do not play VR Chat at 3 AM by yourself
Comment from : Herobrine Demon [The Unstoppable Demon]

Cimyma Uaisele
4:10& 50:0 smh O_O
Comment from : Cimyma Uaisele

Erin Liebenberg
Who tf would sleep in VR 😂😂😂
Comment from : Erin Liebenberg

broken fnaf
How can you talk in vrchat I don't have a headset for VR
Comment from : broken fnaf

My youtube recommended at 4:00 AM:

Comment from : MAGIX05

Under Steam
4:38 This is Jotaro?
Comment from : Under Steam

vynzxyrel Roblox
Eggplant meant a dick the fruit vagina water is cum
Comment from : vynzxyrel Roblox

Zack Scarlet
Comment from : Zack Scarlet

Tabetha Smith Smith
Sher was so disrespectful to these guys and rude
Comment from : Tabetha Smith Smith

Justin Edwards
3:25 hey look it’s James Charles
Comment from : Justin Edwards

hoodie's brother s
Lol I am leaving
Comment from : hoodie's brother s

eitan gonzalez
You so fucking pressed when you smiel
Comment from : eitan gonzalez

Carlos Rojo amaro
Comment from : Carlos Rojo amaro

Geraldine Burt
3:12 Ha ha ha
Comment from : Geraldine Burt

0:24 praise for the loli
Comment from : クラウド

shado killer
I ant papa smurf I'm 🍆👙
Comment from : shado killer

Laura Ashe
i didnt sasuke played VR without sakura's permission 🤣
Comment from : Laura Ashe

Nicole Heinlen
Comment from : Nicole Heinlen

8:47 I understand the situation of this guy, I am also Brazilian and also very confused with English xD
Comment from : FBI

i sell myself to get very good computer and vrchat, i am weird?
Comment from : Draculea

Timothy Graney
IamBee could be my daughter ... but she is just sooo cute ^^ ... love you Bee ... hope you are well and wish you moutains of good for the new year ^^
Comment from : Timothy Graney

This made me laugh alot, i hope i can meet you in VRC
Comment from : FunkyGirlGamer

Zac Akabane
Comment from : Zac Akabane

Toast plays
9:05 that's a doki doki club member that hung her self -_- natsuki or something
Comment from : Toast plays

Three you tubers ran into each other and all screamed to wake some poor lad up
Comment from : CRYPTIC LOAF

Glitter Mendez
The egg plant and water is a dick and cum
Comment from : Glitter Mendez

Elon musk Fan
2:31 Tonichba u f**** weeb
Comment from : Elon musk Fan

"Wait, don't do it!"

Comment from : Anxious

pika boy
Comment from : pika boy

Momoka and her Friends
Im one
Comment from : Momoka and her Friends

12/10 Zero Two :3

pssss I LOVE YOU ^heart^

Comment from : Misteria

Shay Schnaderbeck
R u from aussie
Comment from : Shay Schnaderbeck

Gaming Snubbarna
what headset is she using?
Comment from : Gaming Snubbarna

9:55 who else recognised team skull from Pokémon sun and moon
Comment from : BLUE 0 ALPHA

combine elitegaming
5 or 3 hours ago my friend passed out from being tired and forgot to take off his headset and so my other friend tried everything to wake him up to not success it was funny and werid to see but in VR is more werid to watch
Comment from : combine elitegaming

I like the content
Comment from : Waluigi

Phantom King
0:16 komaeda
Comment from : Phantom King

this bitch needs to stop clickbaiting
Comment from : Nuemon

Bee outro will always be ma fav ♥️
Comment from : PPPotatowolf

Fhantom _
3:21 is that a fictional character that has a name
Comment from : Fhantom _

James Mansfield
i saw in a video YOU GOT TROLLED remember when you saw a random sprite infront of you? that was troll that youtuber by the name "LogicDavid" did.
Comment from : James Mansfield

Жадный Кусок Говна
Comment from : Жадный Кусок Говна

What is full body tracking?
Comment from : Honeymoonrapsody22

matthew DiDomizio
When ur only famous for ur tits and ass but u think it’s ur personality

I haven’t watch one of this dumb bitches videos in a really long time I’m glad. there is nothing funny about this it’s dog shit.

Comment from : matthew DiDomizio

bro be for real
"RED thot BLUE thot!"
Comment from : bro be for real

bully สทานปัฒาพี
What song is it
Comment from : bully สทานปัฒาพี

Ashton Hundt
I’m just really fucking confused.........IS THE INTERNET FIELD WITH PERVS OR MEMERS AND TROLLS
Comment from : Ashton Hundt

Shingabriel Divinagracia
carl jhonson o shit here we go again
Comment from : Shingabriel Divinagracia

Putra Hidayah
Comment from : Putra Hidayah

K 999
What was the song around 9mins30secs in?
Comment from : K 999

Apples Costello
Im will be ur daddy
Comment from : Apples Costello

Do you want to kill us?
D O Y O U W A N T T O K I L L U S ?

Comment from : Biboon

Fanf world -
Shut up / WHY
Comment from : Fanf world -

- Person -
3:30 he sounds like gaster from undertale
Comment from : - Person -

Nite Gaming
Omg I love your video you too your video is so funny your amazing you earned a new sub
Comment from : Nite Gaming

Cinnamon Roll
2:32 “that’s not the queen she’s a tramp”
Comment from : Cinnamon Roll

Nightcore - Xavusic
XD vr chat is so un i wish i could join too :( but wait do u need a computer to activate the vr chat cause i have a desktop
Comment from : Nightcore - Xavusic

Noseless Villager
Vr chaters nightmare:body tracker

Minecraft players nightmare:creeper

Comment from : Noseless Villager

You so f*king precious when you smile
Comment from : Fla

It was a piglet. Not a nuckles who was constapated...
Comment from : Trevor

Giandric Cañete
In 1 year im the 19329614 viewer
Comment from : Giandric Cañete

C.N. Cregger
The skeleton Was like HECK NO HELP
Comment from : C.N. Cregger

What's this game called? I can't find it, I'm searching for ''vrchat'' on da app store .-.
Comment from : Alicorn2010

xXDarkXx_ xXClawXx
Mystia asleep XD
Comment from : xXDarkXx_ xXClawXx

Sacred YT
Your hot I’m a dumb ass bitch but yea your hot like your Twitter is 👌
Comment from : Sacred YT

Chloe Bowman
Comment from : Chloe Bowman

R_X.H ki,ng
You're werry beautiful I, love you byb love you so much 😘😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Comment from : R_X.H ki,ng

Lindsey Cross
Sortino‘s Tropeano
Comment from : Lindsey Cross

Savage Gacha
... Bruh dat voice at 3:40 i wanna find that person and just talk to them XD idk why but I'm the odd person in my family the one that runs to the murder or what ever :p
Comment from : Savage Gacha

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