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Thanks for the video Yorkie! You seem to really know your way around Sansar. Let us know if you ever have any questions!
Comment from : Sansar

the other peoples characters are not loading in my game any tips on how to fix it?
Comment from : visible-gen031

it's not sims online .. sims online was totally different. I played it a loonnggg time ago. :o
Comment from : blacksheepgirl

Dj Bank
What console can I play this on
Comment from : Dj Bank

Sansar is way below the Unreal 4 game engine in visual quality. Sansar is roughly 2005 game technology.For me, the load times are the biggest turn-off followed by nothing to do, horrible looking avatars, lack of immersive animations and LL's fear of using UI/HUD space.Sansar is a "go in, have experience, leave" system. Second Life is a "live there" system. It's the difference between Angry Birds and Everquest.
Comment from : Exotwin

Braelyn Alford
Can you bring back sims 4 love island
Comment from : Braelyn Alford

Jelowix Magar
Sansar means world in Nepali
Comment from : Jelowix Magar

Erica & Mark Pettersson
Most won't be able to access this because of how powerful your computer needs to be in order to play it. Its sad because it looks amazing. Im downloading now but I doubt it will work. They should have thought of this. People can barely get on SL to play because their computers cant even handle that let alone Sansar.
Comment from : Erica & Mark Pettersson

Kay Mitchell
Anyone who clicks on a video about "SANSAR", already knows about Second Life. So skip the intro of explaining SL.
Comment from : Kay Mitchell

Jessica Ray
Very cool. I noticed the white top you "pulled" has the yellow M logo for Marvelous Designer. Clothing simulation software rocks like that. Thanks for the video!
Comment from : Jessica Ray

The Jovial Brit
I've been on Second Life for about 12 years now. Been making mesh for 17 years. The Second Life engine is SO outdated now and players can't even SEE things like normal maps, specular maps, etc. things pivotal to brilliant mesh creation. As a professional mesh maker, myself, if saddens me how limited I am on Second Life.
Comment from : The Jovial Brit

Gives me gta vibes.. like gta meets second life..
Comment from : Katirvana

6:40 looks like alinity
Comment from : fans

Thë ïnmortal Silva
Please , en tú proximo video que subas, activa sub en español para que yo puede entender , sé me hacen interesantes tus videos pero no logro entender , porqué no sé english
Comment from : Thë ïnmortal Silva

Ziyad Ousmand
After continuous spamming of their ads I just decided to have a look at this -_-
Comment from : Ziyad Ousmand

Andrea Young
go to secondlife.com best virtual world game every u wont go back to sims or any other virtual world game its only on computer tho I been play secondlife for 10 years now nothing is better
Comment from : Andrea Young

सत्य सनातन प्रकाश
Sansar संसार hindi world meaning World
Comment from : सत्य सनातन प्रकाश

FANTASTIC REVIEW!!! Thank you so much for the time & effort to Post. I really liked it Sir!!!
Comment from : RAFAEL CARMONA

it looks like... too much advertisements.
Comment from : Gilee

Huni Brown
cool graphics and all but what is the point of the game? just walk around looking at the graphics? at least the sims is a life simulator. it gives u something to do. what does this game give u to do? any goals or missions or anything???
Comment from : Huni Brown

What a waste of linden lab's money. They should have taken this technology and worked on updating and improving sl. Sansar is still, years later as predicted, a virtual ghost town. All the bells and whistles mean nothing if there is barely anyone to use it. I hope they give up this project sooner rather than later and fix sl.
Comment from : AngelFaceDGAF

Hunain- Al-Balushi
where are the other players?
Comment from : Hunain- Al-Balushi

Benjamin Bathers
Тупые русские
Comment from : Benjamin Bathers

I Really appreciate the way u wasted 3mins n 30 seconds by talking shit in the beginning of the video
Comment from : John

Dubrey Galigly
I feel like Sansar is more walled off to the casual builder to facilitate better design. SL even to this day is very creative and I love that but god damn is it littered with junk. Like people/players who over years of time logged still do not understand how to level or square things out. Anyone can design/build easy in SL so you have a trove of crappy design everywhere. Textures normally scaled poorly or you have that MS Paint style terrible font over basic a screenshot vendors, to this day. It's like, I was away for a while and there are some really nice new shops but holy crap SL.

With that said i still really enjoy SL. It has a sense of satisfaction you can derive out of doing something yourself in-world. If you take a few basic notes that nice new design style is not that hard to develop on your own. Follow a few rules in scaling your textures and builds properly and your things will look great. To be honest it still rivals AAA releases in 2019 because even those beautifully crafted worlds are rather void of any functionality. Like prop lands you play around in until they add functionality later. In other games you lag on content output from the developers but in SL you lag from the amount of unique content that must be streamed to your viewer.

Comment from : Dubrey Galigly

oSmancan Kutuk
Comment from : oSmancan Kutuk

Barry Allen
🐈 🎏 town
Comment from : Barry Allen

I can realize that as Sims 5 or IMVU with better graphics. Nice video! <3
Comment from : RoxyTheGamer

no l understand english to google translator
Comment from : GUILD ROMUVA

Kathrine L.J
You have a nice voice :) and accent
Comment from : Kathrine L.J

Kayla Joyce
It has really change since 8 months. I seen an ad for it but its not the same as it was. I had to choose my character, such a bummer.
Comment from : Kayla Joyce

Michaela Reid
I hate the character customization with a passion.
So ugly. Soo friggen ugly.

Comment from : Michaela Reid

Muhammad Khan Soewandi
Comment from : Muhammad Khan Soewandi

Mobile Players
Sansar is a disappointment in regions aka open world like second life has. It won't be in the future because it not designed at start.
Comment from : Mobile Players

Ye Bakchodi
not worth tbh!
Comment from : Ye Bakchodi

Jaliyah W
Well all i know is my computer cant handle this 😭
Comment from : Jaliyah W

Clifftonic Studios
Martys board
Comment from : Clifftonic Studios

Drewleen Manragh
In sims 2 I believe, there was a fashion add on where you could create your own clothes in different colors and patterns. The patterns could be uploaded from the internet.
Comment from : Drewleen Manragh

Meli Na
It's just a 3D chat that requires a powerful computer.
Comment from : Meli Na

the CEO of LL says that of the 200 employees of the Labs 'some 60' of them are working on this; I think this VW is a future investment, but the CEO did not say that SL would be replaced 'they are just different to each other he says. Its future depends on who uses it, and why. Stupid copyright rules.
Comment from : dom233

Second Life was always so confusng for me, hope this one does the job more clear.
Comment from : Eatenribs

Cameron Pierrot
Think of it not to it.....but otherwise awesome!
Comment from : Cameron Pierrot

Games forever
fuck your review it is shit.......oh wow you can through things i will install it to through you with remote bitch!
Comment from : Games forever

Too XxclusiveMaddiexX
dude you spent 1-2 min talking in the first part i had to skip
Comment from : Too XxclusiveMaddiexX

The game is pretty awesome. I would not mind playing this a lot
Comment from : Rae

Blue Ramos
i will try this VR.. fuck IMVU, they dont want creators to earn cash money in there .. lame, they will permanently banned you if you request cash cash out instead of credits!
Comment from : Blue Ramos

They should really just overhaul SL. I've already sunk quite a lot of money on it. I'd probably just quit and forget about LL if they decide to move on from SL.
Comment from : Mirage

so bad game
Comment from : BALDER VALİ

I wish i could make a living by doing video games YouTube videos or even be a famous gamer or artist. I can't afford a tablet for digital art and i only have one PS4 game. My laptop is small with only 2Go and my wi-fi is so slow that it can't handle Sansar. When i had to choose an avatar on Sansar, i couldn't even see them.
I'm turning 16 in six months and a half, gotta start working. 🤷🏽‍♀️

The worst part is that in my country things are really expensive.
1$ = 582 franc cfa
1£ = 732 franc cfa 🤦🏽‍♀️

Comment from : ZYLEM

MikusLove Soul
It needs some updating but has good potential reminds me of Playstation home a bit.

I hope they add sliders so we can create whatever character we want.

Comment from : MikusLove Soul

But most importantly... is there ass?
Comment from : JakeGaming324

madi cooper
I downloaded the game and it wouldn't even let me open the game
Comment from : madi cooper

this looks so cool thanks :P
Comment from : owo

ploxisthebest25 AJ
The TV movie is Ready Player one , go see it!
Comment from : ploxisthebest25 AJ

Cameelah Carter
Hopefully they add adult content and let people create clothes amf stuff and have creds like vu amd second life, then I'mma play.
Comment from : Cameelah Carter

꧁ Super Service Wallpapers ꧂
This game not interesting...
Comment from : ꧁ Super Service Wallpapers ꧂

Love how it says u playing second life XD
Comment from : Mushromus

Ricardo M
second life is the best .
Comment from : Ricardo M

karnage. Dxrk
just got it
Comment from : karnage. Dxrk

first off all this video is lagy what kind of FPS did you have ?? 10 ??
2. good graphic looks good and all but for VR if they Fuck up something it can be painfull for eyes like the forest VR
3. they got minimal customization options for avatars (at least now)
and this is only my opinion from what i did see here but yee this game can have some potencial

Comment from : renkinfox

Can u make stuff and sell it for real?????????like u van in second life?
Comment from : VincentAntoine

If i played sansar and have no money to go to the movies,I would just play the movie in the game and chill.....
Comment from : HzB

Natividad Andino
I need to invest in a VR 🤔 but this looks sooo much fun,I live for this stuff!
Comment from : Natividad Andino

as my
its soooo interestinggggg
Comment from : as my

make this porn game, itd sell like hotcakes
Comment from : 90AlmostFamous

Its Ami
I don’t know why but when I open the game it doesn’t come full screen so when I try drag it down it won’t move. If I press the shop I can’t go back because the exit button is at the top but the top is out of the screen
Comment from : Its Ami

I saw a ad so i was curious and i looked it up
Im still confused

Comment from : AbandonedAccJ4CKT1C4L

Mari Feely
Press shift while walking and she will run
Comment from : Mari Feely

Lol Gg
Comment from : Lol Gg

Dylan Tyler
is this game on xbox now
Comment from : Dylan Tyler

I know i'm late with comment
But how this game stand with population right now?

Comment from : Engi

Alexis Cooper
Omg it does look like second life I play second life I might have to try it if I see more custom avatars
Comment from : Alexis Cooper

Grim Kitten
i suppose its cool and all and cloth adjustment system they have is somewhat great but Imvu is like way better, easier to understand, millions upon millions of cool player made stuff and when you buy clothes and hairs you dont have to worry about it not fitting on your avatar. so my opinion just play imvu.
Comment from : Grim Kitten

Valencia Walker
thanks for the video
Comment from : Valencia Walker

Onida Aitsubasa
Make her an anime girl with demon wings and I know I will like it, cause that what is my standard avatar appearance, and are the same sellers on the Second Life marketplace selling on the Sansar store? Cause then it would be possible for me to remake my avatar in Sansar.
Comment from : Onida Aitsubasa

Onida Aitsubasa
VR Chat is a good place to meet people and make friends too, and for Sansar to get better than VRchat it will probably need a lot creators to make amazing content like new avatar types a d accessories like Second Life has, I'm surprised Linden didn't make an inworld creation tool for Sansar like Second Life has, it kind of sounds like a step back from Second Life, They should have just made a Sansar VR platform for the already existing Second Life Grid and Incorporated the worlds added on that you can get to through portals, It does sound like it made in Unity? so not sure how compatible Second Life Avatars are with Sansar worlds but Linden Labs could probably get the mesh ones to work, I would love to be able to bring my already existing Second Life avatar to the VR worlds of Sansar especially since I have fire powers in Second Life, I do hope you can add parts and accessories to or import your own custom made avatar like you can in Second Life and VR chat.
Comment from : Onida Aitsubasa

Lars van der veeke
this is second life in vr style
Comment from : Lars van der veeke

Il 水 Il
I think if they made it where create your avatar like black desert. i think everyone's avatar would look totally different.
Comment from : Il 水 Il

The Jovial Brit
Or y'know.. Just play Sansar or Second Life. Looks far better, it's free, and they've were onto this 11+ years ago.
Comment from : The Jovial Brit

Jimmy Jack
I thought Sansar was a joke. It sure wasn't like Second life. I was in some snowy area and couldn't go anywhere else.
Comment from : Jimmy Jack

Diana Chino
LL's latest greedy money grubbing idea hasn't got SHIT on The Sims.
Comment from : Diana Chino

Taylor Bradner
My sansar crashes like evertyime I go on a good map example the town one
Comment from : Taylor Bradner

Sheryl Ketchum
what would be a good RV for this?
Comment from : Sheryl Ketchum

I don't think so
Reminds me of second life
Comment from : I don't think so

Joselaine Vicentim
Do you need rift glasses to play sansar?
Comment from : Joselaine Vicentim

Shawn Chronicles
The sims 5 need to look like this
Comment from : Shawn Chronicles

Lawrence Mcfadden
thanks for the video
Comment from : Lawrence Mcfadden

Chelle W.
Thank you for the review! :)
Comment from : Chelle W.

Take a shot everytime he says pretty much.
Comment from : imavirgin

Not sims online more like play station home reloaded
Comment from : KirinoK

Frozen Doctor Production
Comment from : Frozen Doctor Production

Davide de Muro Dominijanni
Last time I've been there moving from an "experience" to another took ages... I guess it's because of the Italian crappy internet connection. You did pretty fast so I hope they drasticaly improved that. Thanks for promoting it as you do Yorkie, I've been invited as a Content Developer for Sansar when it was still in Beta. I really hope many people start using such an amazing platform [not a game!]. If you are creative or a lover of creativity and creative people just get into it and get amazed!

PS: Yorkie, I hope you don't mind if i take the chance to promote what I'm doing for Sansar, I'm sure yu are interested to know more about it yourself.
I'm working on a Digital Art project called DARTS { www.dartsmovement.org } to help digital artists and any artist who wants to approach the digital world. I give them completely free support {yes, free for the artists, income comes from final users and sponsors... contact me privately for further info} thanks to my 25+ years professional experience in Design&Communication and over a decade in virtual worlds and digital contents. Support comes in form of artists and events management, free access to the VR technology for the artists and a personal tutor for the newcomers in Sansar {and in Second Life as well}.

I'm currently working on the official Art Gallery in both Second Life and Sansar, hopefully it will become a museum as soon as the sponsorship/partnership and affiliation programs are defined and fully active. Any collaboration {from creatives to management experts up to VR/AR/ER/AI gurus and more} is absolutely welcome, this is going to be a challenging huge teamwork!

Comment from : Davide de Muro Dominijanni

Robert Williams
Linden Labs is the creator of SANSAR no worries they built one of THE BEST virtual worlds online - SECOND LIFE. They KNOW what they're doing!!!
Comment from : Robert Williams

Jr A
Just played sansar today and it is pretty dead...5 people on one world and like 2 or 3 on one world..............
Comment from : Jr A

Are we good
i just wanna say wow i wish i could play but i have not so good computer its a windows 10 laptop but seeing this creative levels of detail really inspire me and im pretty sure others as well to do even more cooler things like this i mean i can just think of all the stuff you can create in a game like this is just unbelieveable
Comment from : Are we good

Anupraj Poudel
Luv u😉❤️
Comment from : Anupraj Poudel

The woman walk as masculine as the men do if not more lol.
Comment from : Omikron1112

Great ass for default lol
Comment from : Omikron1112

Nusrat Alam
What is the name of this game?
Comment from : Nusrat Alam

Taylor Bradner

You sound like ur nearby birmingham haha near me tbf

Comment from : Taylor Bradner

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