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VR for bedridden patients is something I can totally get behind.
Comment from : Soupertrooper

Ok Boomer
Comment from : Zazic

my friend let me play vr chat and i jumped off a high space and broke my legs it hurt so much
Comment from : plushiez_show

Frank Eginall
I love how there was just one guy trying to just get a drink
Comment from : Frank Eginall

Ok boomers
Comment from : PikatronYT

Tony Hinojosa
1990s: "Don't sit so close to the TV, you'll go blind!"
2020s: "Let's wear helmets that hold our phones two inches from our eyes. Nothing bad will happen!"

Comment from : Tony Hinojosa

ILuvCookies 223

(This was a joke)

Comment from : ILuvCookies 223

fung whyou
Even vr heights make my butt clenched
Comment from : fung whyou

“I’m heavily insured”
Comment from : Fizzbear

He just want a smoothie , and god damn it hes gonna fucking get it !
Comment from : Jagpagaco

Greek Joker
They could possibly have seen their pensions rising.. That's why they were excited...
Comment from : Greek Joker

Humble Bumble Homestead
I love that the first thing these elderly ladies and gentlemen thought of was how this could help people in hospital's, what amazingly kind and thoughtful people! How truly beautiful it is that they care so much for others in lesser situations! ❤️💕 ❣️❤️
Comment from : Humble Bumble Homestead

Silent Nights
I know this is kinda random but these all these people look pretty damn good for their age
Comment from : Silent Nights

Ariana Eilishnstyff
That first man was so cute
Comment from : Ariana Eilishnstyff

Such dedication for a slushy
Comment from : Drungolo

Objectif 100 abonnés sans vidéo
"look like gas mask"
Comment from : Objectif 100 abonnés sans vidéo

mega 775
0:56 me:OK BOOMER
Comment from : mega 775

The Diferent Caustic soda.
"Well in world war 2 we had gas masks" from zoom to boom really quick.
Comment from : The Diferent Caustic soda.

Show them the naughty side of vr next time lol
Comment from : cincyfan987

Aka Jay
Now let’s be honest one of em could have had a heart attack or sum cuz ik i would💀
Comment from : Aka Jay

What was that drawing program at 1:18?
Comment from : NosebeggR

David Stephens
Grandpa puck on his own donut.. good one ..lovely 👍😁
Comment from : David Stephens

Oh my goodness gracious, that's my brain lmaooo
Comment from : aakksshhaayy

Spongebob Squarepants
Ok boomer
Comment from : Spongebob Squarepants

0:57 we were all waiting for the flashback
Comment from : bobioko

Dude that is genius. When I'm old and cant move around too much. Just strap this on and boom I'm superman. Omg this is amazing.
Comment from : cibdizzy

Floofy Chill
F in the chat for the slushie guy
Comment from : Floofy Chill

AkulTV - Best Youtube Edits!
I really respect these people for being so open minded
Comment from : AkulTV - Best Youtube Edits!

Maria Estrada
Ok boomer
Comment from : Maria Estrada

4K Gaming & Tutorials
I can't be the only one who thinks the Navy Veteran sounds almost like Morgan Freeman.
Comment from : 4K Gaming & Tutorials

Searched up vr now and all I’m getting is vr ads and videos 😐
Comment from : TigerPlays

Nirzy Vids
'you can get hooked on this' … yes yes you can
another senior here who LOVES virtual reality and thinks its amazing and incredible!!
my favorite genre vr games are the rhythm type... show must go on is a must :)

oh and no plank for me NO WAY, not doing it … LOL … the hand aperture lab 'ledge' is scary enough

Comment from : Nirzy Vids

Mr Bare Foot Bogan
Oh... Wait until you see the "Dark Side" of VR ;)
Comment from : Mr Bare Foot Bogan

The guy at 4:00 sounds like Morgan Freeman.
Just close your eyes and listen to him...

Comment from : jakebullet64

Miles McSmiles
Seth sounds like robotic Bill Nye
Comment from : Miles McSmiles

pablo rages
0:28 ... 1:00 ... 3:58 ... I know her from somewhere ... is she a porn star?
Comment from : pablo rages

Yes evenmoreofyes
"Ya know in World War 2 we had gas masks" Of course that's the first thing he says about the headset
Comment from : Yes evenmoreofyes

Plot twist: The guy that printed his brain secretly knew what he was doing
Comment from : Nickyhasnolife

Sabrina Flipse
what great ideas for the bed ridden! :)
Comment from : Sabrina Flipse

The african american man has a really good voice. It would sound great in movies. I almost sounds like Morgan Freeman's voice.
Comment from : VizioN-Scope

The Little No one.
Aurthur is looking freaking good!
Comment from : The Little No one.

Caleb Alfaro
I never thought about people in beds.. that perspective tho!! #bigbrain
Comment from : Caleb Alfaro

The cool thing is all of these seniors dont look as old as they say they look barely 60
Comment from : WolfyFx

Night Stringers
I seen a guy that was wheelchair bound and they gave him a VR so he go skiing, something he had been able to do in years . I watched the video and I cried like a little girl
Comment from : Night Stringers

RoZ Alto
OK boomer
Comment from : RoZ Alto

Blizz Blozz
4 minutes of boomers complaining
Comment from : Blizz Blozz

Avi Dwivedi
Join the biggest Virtual Reality Creator Community form India.

Comment from : Avi Dwivedi

Whiterun Gaurd
These are boomers I respect they're having fun with em.
Comment from : Whiterun Gaurd

mini shrek
Comment from : mini shrek

RTS Beast
Okay, boomer.
Comment from : RTS Beast

And it suddendly comes to ww2 being boombarded with arti and boombs and volume high bass unlimotet. XD
Comment from : EliteHusky

SwiftyPlayz _
There gunna give him ptsd
Comment from : SwiftyPlayz _

10 years old and he jus whips it out
Comment from : TrintTooDankTV

iamaplatypus 1234
Nice video!
Comment from : iamaplatypus 1234

Rick Jones
Give them a real thrill...put them into a small cessne skyhawks or dcs spitfire...or a car plugin for gta5
Comment from : Rick Jones

Gas mask
Comment from : NerdyBertram

Doom And Gloom
10 years old and he just whips it up
I don't have a dirty mind?!

Comment from : Doom And Gloom

Earth Chan
Off camera:

Senior goes to the hospital for the first time

Comment from : Earth Chan

Bell Iron Fist
I just got a VR headset and I am SO excited for her to come visit me so I can get her to use it
Comment from : Bell Iron Fist

Wes Davis
This is what they showed them!!!??? Should have showed them PT. Go big or go home!
Comment from : Wes Davis

Battle Droid
0:17 My man sounds like SCP-49
Comment from : Battle Droid

WhyYouTube Playing
“Gas Maskkss” 😂 💜
Comment from : WhyYouTube Playing

Another title for this vid “boomers get confused while playing job sim”
Comment from : FRiŁŁ

Oatmeal Beaver
2:41 I laughed much more than I should have
Comment from : Oatmeal Beaver

Jason owen Robb
I close my eyes and I swear morgan freeman is playing vr!! 😁
Comment from : Jason owen Robb

Dominic Taylor
Okay, Boomer.
Comment from : Dominic Taylor

Bro Momento
1:02 Kinda sounds like Dr. Kleiner, but that could just be dumbass me.
Comment from : Bro Momento

Im FBA & ADOS Cut The Check Please Ty
Old People🤢😖👎 YUCK
Comment from : Im FBA & ADOS Cut The Check Please Ty

2:38 he sounded like a woman for a sec
Comment from : MysticTerror394

Jaewan Lee
Just imagine if they used google daydream.
Grandpa : fuck this

Comment from : Jaewan Lee

ok boomer
Comment from : FrontRowRides

Eli Sst
Next time try "seniors try VR porn"😂
Comment from : Eli Sst

Pesadilla_gamer Yt
They were playing job simulator LoL
Comment from : Pesadilla_gamer Yt

Hello It’s me
Better title: boomers play vr
Comment from : Hello It’s me

lazer tag
plank is the stupidest most over priced "game" ive ever seen
Comment from : lazer tag

Willem Neuefeind Lessig
Lmao the guy who said it looked likr a gas mask
Comment from : Willem Neuefeind Lessig

XJed_ BX
Ok boomer
Comment from : XJed_ BX

Wahyu Setiawan
My smartphone also always does what it think i want, but never do what i think i actually want.
Comment from : Wahyu Setiawan

Wooden Legacy
I love to see elderly people play videogames, going off of that does anyone know any gaming channels where the owner is and old person?
Comment from : Wooden Legacy

Arrow Crossbow
Oh! My! Heart! This is soooo cute 💖
Comment from : Arrow Crossbow

Riley Brion
ok boomer
Comment from : Riley Brion

I. Peterson
O.K Elders Who Should Be Respected Becuase We Love Them
Comment from : I. Peterson

Shibly Syed
<iframe width="1161" height="653" src=" tvid.in/1xwypntuou/etimes" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media;gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Comment from : Shibly Syed

Is.. Is Seth uncle Ben?
Comment from : Shrekos

It hurts me to watch these boomers
Comment from : Excort

They could get a heart attack
Comment from : Trailers

Foxes on Fire
"i can understand why young people waste their lives and get hooked on"
Comment from : Foxes on Fire

Foxes on Fire
ok boomer
Comment from : Foxes on Fire

One time, I was showing my PSVR last christmas, and I gave everyone a turn to give it a whirl. My grandpa played job simulator, and I absolutely loved the gameplay
Comment from : InklingCurry

Devin Kelley
Ok boomer
Comment from : Devin Kelley

When Carrol is a pornstar...
(Annabelle Brady)

Comment from : harrisonistheman

Spooked Bread
OK _____
Comment from : Spooked Bread

Angie  Akin
Comment from : Angie Akin

_ TheBigPig _
Ok boomer
Comment from : _ TheBigPig _

KGaltmanos 12
Darth Vade? 2:53
Comment from : KGaltmanos 12

John Usher
“ did you want a lil chemical with your beacon “ 😂😂😂 bruh I’m dead
Comment from : John Usher

A stupid person
Poor dude just wanted a slushie
Comment from : A stupid person

Ok boomers
Comment from : Whuttr

Jipsy Swindle
In ww2 we had gas masks. Killed me😆😆😆😆
Comment from : Jipsy Swindle

Ok boomer
Comment from : BoatMaster64

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