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Today we are going to play Ark Park with a haptic VR suit that could have come straight out of Ready Player One!
Comment from : Nathie

kyle Jumig
You should name it tiny
Comment from : kyle Jumig

Padmaja Patnaik
I love thousands of you videos
Comment from : Padmaja Patnaik

huckleberry gamer
Is ark park a second half of the ark the game
Comment from : huckleberry gamer

BackPack Boy
whats with the face cam jerk at 17:06
Comment from : BackPack Boy

Steven Jarvis Locksmiths Worcester
Will it simulate gforce in driving games
Comment from : Steven Jarvis Locksmiths Worcester

Marvelyn Tuazon
Comment from : Marvelyn Tuazon

Dan Bad
are you doing SLI with the gtx 1080´s? or something like this to improve the vr experience with two graphic cards? thanks!
Comment from : Dan Bad

J-silvon da silva
You know I watched your videos in one week and I did not subscribe by the way cool video 😎
Comment from : J-silvon da silva

Meister Incognito
So jealous of you rn
Comment from : Meister Incognito

Savage player
Thxs for the vid. Now imma get me a Haptic VR suit. And all, thxs pal for the recommend.
Comment from : Savage player

Cristi Sava
For dus eanimăl dus neim iz zece
Comment from : Cristi Sava

N Phajabi
Comment from : N Phajabi

Gregor Cerina
Comment from : Gregor Cerina

Eliza Idowu
you should call it snowy
Comment from : Eliza Idowu

Mon Khongsai
That kranti swaroop very bad
Comment from : Mon Khongsai

Mon Khongsai
Hmm..........,... Ok
Comment from : Mon Khongsai

Anuradha Channan
Comment from : Anuradha Channan

Kranthi Swaroop
You are just time-wasting
Comment from : Kranthi Swaroop

Annie Seston
Is it on PS4 vr
Comment from : Annie Seston

austin hammer
I love dinosaurs so much i subscribed to your channle and like the video
Comment from : austin hammer

Zakary McLeod
As someone who loves ark survival evolved, I was very excited when I heard they were making a VR game (I heard about it before it came out, even though I’m just now watching this video now), but it was a pretty huge letdown
Comment from : Zakary McLeod

This is a copy of ark suvlvle evold
Comment from : VS GAMING

ChanTheMan Is The Best
Ready player one is the best movie
Comment from : ChanTheMan Is The Best

Sarah Padilla
Everyone Five Nights at Freddy's VR Help Wanted
Comment from : Sarah Padilla

Sarah Padilla
Do you don't know that have a Five Nights at Freddy game release the new Five Nights at Freddy game Five Nights at Freddy's VR help wanted
Comment from : Sarah Padilla

Irish Fagtanac
Comment from : Irish Fagtanac

Rosella Berlin
Comment from : Rosella Berlin

Jhaboor Rahoomi
Sing for next years you're correct said Max yes triceratops story Donnie Thorne tiny so sorrow
Comment from : Jhaboor Rahoomi

Kylo Ren
Comment from : Kylo Ren

Usiris Moreno
Nathie can you play this game very often
Comment from : Usiris Moreno

Riko suave 666
Comment from : Riko suave 666

Comment from : Ard2011dk

Gaming- girl
Tricy or bruce?
Comment from : Gaming- girl

Dyan Ctpng
Comment from : Dyan Ctpng

Vincent Valentine
Comment from : Vincent Valentine

Mere Raisowalu
Comment from : Mere Raisowalu

bj tanga -an
Comment from : bj tanga -an

Faeeza Mustapha
Comment from : Faeeza Mustapha

Sher Ali Khan
the name should be shera
Comment from : Sher Ali Khan

Tomoko Kirihara
the resolution looks like 240p or is it just the video?
Comment from : Tomoko Kirihara

Mohit Mehta
Can umake more videos of this it's a great game
Comment from : Mohit Mehta

yousif abbood
how to get a hapticsuit and dose it work for ps vr.
Comment from : yousif abbood

serrenity turnbull
Comment from : serrenity turnbull

23:27 im already tracer
Comment from : Khalil

Hi I am from HTC middle east is it. Compatible with all games
Comment from : MUSTAFA KHAN

Alpachino Channer
Comment from : Alpachino Channer

vijaykumar joshi
Big fan but can you do one thing that make videos which we are able to view in VR in YouTube so that we can although we can't play the actual but we can feel it otherwise its great
Comment from : vijaykumar joshi

Nancy Remo
I mean Haptic suit
Comment from : Nancy Remo

Nancy Remo
And haptik suits
Comment from : Nancy Remo

Nancy Remo
Cool nathie
Comment from : Nancy Remo

Blake Mobley
will b haptics be worth th price
Comment from : Blake Mobley

Shitman the Barbarian
Thank you for this video looks like i will be buying this for my kids . It looks as good as fried chicken . Bless the usa and nice looking young men like your self .
Comment from : Shitman the Barbarian

Might as well get you a trackpad !
Comment from : SpyTgamer

Markas Antonius
Cool vid, but there is no such thing as "one of the first. There is first and all others after that.
Comment from : Markas Antonius

Brave Wildness would love to get hand on this vr
Comment from : J X

Natalie Hahn
name him Trey
Comment from : Natalie Hahn

What's so special with this suit? there's already years in the market companies that created the same thing - woojer, subpac etc...
Comment from : oren88

rayan aghamohamadi
this suit would be great with arizona sunshine you will be able to feel zombie punches
Comment from : rayan aghamohamadi

rayan aghamohamadi
i really want to see you play a shooter game with that suir
Comment from : rayan aghamohamadi

rayan aghamohamadi
there is another company that made omni diretional tredmil please play with thet as well
Comment from : rayan aghamohamadi

Jouw kamer is zo ziek
Comment from : Wassim

can you play new game call Chiaro and the Elixir of Life?
Comment from : TheArtmaster67

Nathie, doe eens een Warrock comeback video😳
Comment from : ferhat11341

Switch News
Does the haptic suit work with every vr game and will you use it in most of your videos or is it just if the game incorporates it in the code?
Comment from : Switch News

Switch News
Name the triceratops spike
Comment from : Switch News

Nicole Lager
I think you should call it does Zach a saurus
Comment from : Nicole Lager

Nathie I got an email from David.nathiemedia@hotmail.com saying I won the book asking for my address is it a trusting thing what do I do
Comment from : MultiRealityGamer

My Perspective
Nathie ,did I just see you in an Alienware ad at the movie theater? 👍
Comment from : My Perspective

Ninja Monkey Gaming
Comment from : Ninja Monkey Gaming

Sho Jo
I've seen so many devices that would make VR even more immersive but the big boys are afraid to invest in them. That vest you have on along with VR gloves that actually work and motion simulators that would help those that are sensitive to motion sickness. I just don't get it. Edit- For walking, the Katwalk Mini for a game like you're playing.
Comment from : Sho Jo

Another step further into the future! Thank you Nathie for keeping us ahead of technology 👍
Comment from : ProjectJamesify

Marco Dorsey
Comment from : Marco Dorsey

The Swiss Guy
18:26 always great to hear this message.😂
Comment from : The Swiss Guy

The Swiss Guy
WAIT WUT!!! Y U HAVE SO MUCH MORE STUFF ON THR PC VERSION?!?😦 You can’t paint your dino, change the camera while you’re riding the dino and you CAN‘T GO ON THE BALLON RIDE!!!😵
Comment from : The Swiss Guy

Friesen 1098
Can you give a demonstration and info on what you have on your feet and that pad is for on the floor and info on the haptic feed back suite
Comment from : Friesen 1098

The Swiss Guy
It got flashbacks to the time this game got released and when I was so disappointed!!!😔 But the DLC stuff is pretty awesome though.😂
If you guys want to see the DLC stuff just watch this video I found by a „completely“ random „Guy“.😏 youtu.be/zTzbf7i41Gg

Comment from : The Swiss Guy

Majora Boy
Is the oculus go the best vr headset ever made
Check out my review on this subject

Comment from : Majora Boy

Nice video nathie and nice haptic suit 👍but I have a question tho does it hurt?
Comment from : VimiussCrimson

Ik wil kaas
Comment from : xSilentQuixk

Braeden Charles
The haptic suit
Comment from : Braeden Charles

Braeden Charles
How much did that cost
Comment from : Braeden Charles

Ninja Shadow
Comment from : Ninja Shadow

Nero Lowell
BS game!
Comment from : Nero Lowell

sjonnie designs
jo ik ben nederlands ik vind dat je hele leuke filmpjes maakt op yt ga zo door
Comment from : sjonnie designs

Ashan awan
I am your biggest fan
Comment from : Ashan awan

Ath -Rex
Cool! The suit😱..the dinosaurs
Comment from : Ath -Rex

Gamer Rev
OMG THATS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! 😶

Comment from : Gamer Rev

Hey Nathie! Are you going to play among heroes? Anyway love your vids keep up the good work!!
Comment from : 15degrees

I was hoping you would be able to use the jurrassic park theme as backround music! Gotta love youtube! Also, could we meet up in Rec Room? name a price for that haptic vest too lol
Comment from : DuckyDoesGaming

Denis Marchetto
Good evening nathie great video on Ark Park it was amazing to see you petting dinosaurs. As far as what you should play next try escape black Orion with the haptic suit on. I would be interested in your experience in the escape the room game. I have a question how feel different sensations when you're in Ark Park here's the link store.steampowered.com/app/897100/Escape_Black_Orion_VR/?snr=1_1453_4__105
have a good evening see you on this weeks episode of F reality

Comment from : Denis Marchetto

Classic Cview
Looks cool, happy it will come to the market... as silly as it might sound, smell is a very important sense, without going into too much detail, information gained from smell directly influences the nervous system and creates a wide range of emotions and can even trigger or create memories. If you can get the limbic system involved (more than it is at the moment)... awesome times await
Comment from : Classic Cview

Eric For President
Let me buy that suit off you :p
Comment from : Eric For President

CAE Productions!
I hoped u liked the name ☺
Comment from : CAE Productions!

CAE Productions!
Man I wish I had one I....well thanks nathie for having the time to answer me I love your channel very much and I want to say good job
Comment from : CAE Productions!

CAE Productions!
U experience stuff I wish I experienced
Comment from : CAE Productions!

CAE Productions!
U are so lucky
Comment from : CAE Productions!

CAE Productions!
Oh cool
Comment from : CAE Productions!

I. Peterson
Next level game hacks. He's using suits now👌
Comment from : I. Peterson

وائل مسعودي
This looks scary
Comment from : وائل مسعودي

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