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Angiel 2005♡♥
Para mi los mejores son sims freeplay y la movil 😍
Comment from : Angiel 2005♡♥

Shruti Angel
The sims freeplay❣️❣️💕
Comment from : Shruti Angel

Honolua Avakin Life
Avakin Life should be number 1
Comment from : Honolua Avakin Life

The Clickbait Channel
Roblox: 5-13 year olds
IMVU: 14-18 year olds

Comment from : The Clickbait Channel

Blaize Daines
Secondlife is the best and not listed here
Comment from : Blaize Daines

tam minhtam
I think second life is the best
Comment from : tam minhtam

Go Kitty
Comment from : Go Kitty

itzstace x
Comment from : itzstace x

Wreck Mc Official
Comment from : Wreck Mc Official

oreochoc xx
1.Avakin Life
2.The Sims Freeplay
3.The Sims Mobile
4.Home Street

IMVU must be number 2 but its getting boring

Comment from : oreochoc xx

Timia Beeman
Second life is the best just expensive but great if you have money
Comment from : Timia Beeman

Brenda Myrick
Can't find the games😭
Comment from : Brenda Myrick

XFunneh VideosX
I played imbued for almost a year but got bored of it since everyone only follow u for gifts
Comment from : XFunneh VideosX

صرصورة وافتخر
i already played them all
Comment from : صرصورة وافتخر

Michael Jackson
Avakin life ass!!
Comment from : Michael Jackson

JKim Wonpil
Antisociales buscando vidas virtuales JAJAJAJJAjsajajaja... jajajaj... ja....... ja...........

Caraj0 )':

Comment from : JKim Wonpil

Braceface Bandit
Imvu gang
Comment from : Braceface Bandit

Valentina P.
Avakin life is so boring.
Comment from : Valentina P.

Simply Kia
If I can play with other live players in sims that would be amazing
Comment from : Simply Kia

Shamika Reed
Gotta download avakin life again 😭😭😭 i was kn level 30
Comment from : Shamika Reed

Badang Naive
music so loud annoying
Comment from : Badang Naive

Anyone wish sims 4 was for iphone,android,ios😨😨
Comment from : Angelircs

Imvu is the best! ❤
Comment from : Pamela

Cover Artist
I played all
Comment from : Cover Artist

Obvious Kp
Is home street online?
Comment from : Obvious Kp

Purna Rai
Avakin life is the best game
Comment from : Purna Rai

gacha alex
What about hotel hideaway
Comment from : gacha alex

gamingwith yddjay
Sims is low key boring
Comment from : gamingwith yddjay

Try TWINITY game it is like Second life or like already dead Vside , its free and you got all there , its not heavy game so any computer can run it , community is small we need more players :)
Comment from : nikihiphop

Jazz imvu
Imvu. It's more realistic. In avakin life you can't even cuss. And in imvu you can actually be a kid. or you can buy a baby. Avakin is just trash.
Comment from : Jazz imvu

Gacha Life Stories
Do u know any games that are exactly like the sims on iOS where I can take care of a family?
Comment from : Gacha Life Stories

Laura Ramos
I have the sims freeplay
Tengo a los sims freeplay

Comment from : Laura Ramos

joohoney's right dimple
Wtf, why is no one talking about the fact that the video is 4:20 long
Comment from : joohoney's right dimple

Playing Unique
These are the games in order of the video

Home street
The Sims Freeplay
Avakin life
The Sims mobile

Comment from : Playing Unique

Avakin life is cool and all, but it's amount of stuff in each category of it's shop is the same old shit from years ago..It's like they don't bother to update the game with new shop items and it gets boring wearing the same four outfits all the time since there's nothing new to buy
Comment from : LavaOreSheep

Uu RinbowYT uU
Sims free play should add
-Options where you could see when you or your kids go to school
-Emotions like sims 4
-more stuff do to with the pets

…Idk why I made this…

Comment from : Uu RinbowYT uU

Millie The memer
Avakin life sucks the graphics are just trash
Comment from : Millie The memer

Nakiya Allen
Imvu got worse over the years.. Also u gotta change angles to move ur character which is hard so I quit playin.
Comment from : Nakiya Allen

Poodle kitten
My device isn't compatible with the game T-T CRAP
Comment from : Poodle kitten

Zion Fairbairn
Imvu :)))
Comment from : Zion Fairbairn

Zion Fairbairn
iOS gang
Comment from : Zion Fairbairn

Ninteon •
Avakin life is amazing imvu is boring
Comment from : Ninteon •

Ali Saï
Team sims freeplay👍👍👍
Comment from : Ali Saï

Girl Gamer playz
#1 #avakin life
Comment from : Girl Gamer playz

Đųďæ ĄvæBľøxıņhă
Avakin life
Comment from : Đųďæ ĄvæBľøxıņhă

cristina gonzalez
Like si hablas español y juegas avakin life
Comment from : cristina gonzalez

Aya Elkady
I loved imvu more, all 3-D games did not like me just like this wonderful game, I think this is the best
Comment from : Aya Elkady

нєy вυττєrƒliєs
나는 브라질에서 가장 많은 한국어로 썼다. 왜냐하면 내가 원했기 때문이다. 너와 우물쭈물하고 번역해라. :)
Comment from : нєy вυττєrƒliєs

No BitLife?
Comment from : ProgLuke37

Honey Roberts
Honerable mention yoworld
Comment from : Honey Roberts

Hassan Elyaakoubi
C’est quoi le jeu jle cherche
Comment from : Hassan Elyaakoubi

S A S S Y b u t C L A S S Y
Comment from : S A S S Y b u t C L A S S Y

Its Meh
Sims Mobile?? Sims Freeplay better
Comment from : Its Meh

Rosie Rosa
Avakin Life? SRSLY..? But this video still be amazing :)
Comment from : Rosie Rosa

Felisha Radila
I kinda miss ameba pico, probably one of the best out there
Comment from : Felisha Radila

Kayla Pie
Comment from : Kayla Pie

John Alan
Avakin = onlyness for kids for 10 - 17 years old
Comment from : John Alan

MoTiv SweetPotato
Imvu is to inappropriate for me...
Comment from : MoTiv SweetPotato

Heartless Cherry
Though Second Life Would Of Been Here Shocking
Comment from : Heartless Cherry

Piece Peace Please
Good Video 👍👌
Comment from : Piece Peace Please

Comment from : AMINA JALAL

Avakin life is number 1 ❤💙🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Loot

Big Guala
IMVU niggas toxic asf
Comment from : Big Guala

Big Brøther
Just download Hotel Hideaway
Comment from : Big Brøther

DJ Ann Delute
Imvu is the best for my opinion
Comment from : DJ Ann Delute

Tasty Bread
hmu if you want modded sims mobile or sims freeplay
Comment from : Tasty Bread

Tasty Bread
My opinions
Sims Mobile ~ Too expensive, literally. When you play it the first thing that pops up are offers and if you don't want to pay then you'll have to wait half a day :)

Sims Freeplay ~ Seriously it takes literally 24 hours to play this game like i don't even play it i just wait for it to finish, for ex: It takes ONE WHOLE DAY to pick up a sock.

IMVU ~ I definently do not recommend this to anyone at ALL, if you want to experience the fun of it then get a laptop or computer. Barely gives you credits (money) to buy things you need so you're stuck with one outfit, also there's so many 18+ there and it's really disgusting, the chatrooms are disgusting too.

Avakin life ~ Too many bullies (A.K.A youtubers) They will literally make fun of you if your level is 1-5, also there's some pedos on avakin life spying on young children. and those young children that play in avakin life gets "bfs" "hubby" and stuff.

Comment from : Tasty Bread

Sinit Mokennen
I have been playing those all game and they are so boring 😑
Comment from : Sinit Mokennen

Zildan 7
1:37 how can a guy go to the toilet and there's a girl inside
Comment from : Zildan 7

imvu is getting boring now , it was fun in like 2017 and 2016
Comment from : ROULETTE

the types on imvu are trash I'd rather play Avakin than imvu
Comment from : anon

Eli Eliza
try moviestarplanet
Comment from : Eli Eliza

Gummyrabbit 109
AVAKIN is the BEST !!!❤
Comment from : Gummyrabbit 109

I saw imvu thumbnail so I clicked
Comment from : iKayden

SuitedHoney 4003
Cause I’m on iPad
Comment from : SuitedHoney 4003

SuitedHoney 4003
Are these for tablet or PC?
Comment from : SuitedHoney 4003

i play imvu and avakin<3
Comment from : JADA IS CUTE

Cristina Kaz
I know this five games already
Comment from : Cristina Kaz

sude naz
Imvu i love you
Comment from : sude naz

Josselyn Viera
IMVU number 1
Comment from : Josselyn Viera

Comment from : ᑈ*Mia/ميا*ᐵ

Kid_Playz Yt
imvu is for idiots
Comment from : Kid_Playz Yt

Imvu is my fav😂 Idk but I love it because of the realistic graphics and it's own instragram
Comment from : jmcruzluvminnue

Liana Hrahsel
IMVU AND AVAKIN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Liana Hrahsel

Womp Womp
IMVU effin sucks
(My Opinion)

1.I can't see my hair, hats, and glasses.
2.Whenever I'm in those chat room stuff, it's very frustrating to change angles and stuff.
3.It's hard to earn credits.

Comment from : Womp Womp

•ėma mkp•
Comment from : •ėma mkp•

Amri Wari
Tanks you 😚😚😗😘😍😙😚
Comment from : Amri Wari

Thats not IMVU!..😑

Karma is sweet
that's for me i don't know you're

Comment from : Karma is sweet

Ana Conda
Imvu tá chato pra krai, te deixa no tédio. Avakin life só tem riquinhos desumildes , agr com os conjuntos então. The sims mobile ainda é privado de muitas coisas, oq deixa o jogo chato, The sims free play ainda precisa melhorar no realismo mas destes é o melhor
Comment from : Ana Conda

Zeneide Querino De Sousa Querino
Gente alguma pessoa pode me explicar o que tem de legal e em imvu
Comment from : Zeneide Querino De Sousa Querino

Sims mobile sucks
Comment from : sl33py_arii

Diaman_ Argan
❤Avakinnn❤ Is❤ The❤ Best❤
Comment from : Diaman_ Argan

I've played them all :v
Comment from : • LØRYRŪX •

Stephanie Ng
I finish all the quest in the sim freeplay. Now i so bored.
Comment from : Stephanie Ng

A random hooman
I got bored at avakin life btw... so many perverts
Comment from : A random hooman

Alguien español
Comment from : SSANAHORIA XD

I think almost everyone knows about imvu and avakin life
Comment from : isucckuwu

Daneenthe best
Avakin life is the worst
Comment from : Daneenthe best

Mayu __
club cooee
Comment from : Mayu __

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