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Dumb Dumb Stupid Head
Man, Asgard’s Wrath looks so awesome. I really wish the oculus rift s wasn’t so expensive.
Comment from : Dumb Dumb Stupid Head

I love queen
Comment from : Bread

GGhost 07
If I was able to get vr I would play beat saber
Comment from : GGhost 07

Amicable Enmity
I am so jealous of your hair.
Comment from : Amicable Enmity

how do i become a youtube corporate to get free stuff?
Comment from : Strfy

Retro Grizzly
More more Televoid more please
Comment from : Retro Grizzly

Jessica Anderson
I was searching this and your other channel but didnt see a video on it. Im curious If you have played/beat Portal 2 (xbox 360)? As someone who loves puzzles this game is simply that. Really funny game too. One of my favorites.
Comment from : Jessica Anderson

130 gigs holy crap...just thinking about it might make my computer explode
Comment from : GummyPop

Literallly an ad
Comment from : komo

What about glasses wearers? Does it accommodate people who dont have contacts?
Comment from : ThatGiambalvoGuy

Anyone know the title of the music playing at the tail end?
Comment from : ZooBuddyDoo

Lydia Haneder
Thanks for the review! Ready helped me decide whether I wanted to buy this for my boyfriend or not. I just got it today and can't wait for him to open it up on Christmas :)
Comment from : Lydia Haneder

a football game on this system would be amazing
Comment from : the503CreepOut

I just wish Superhot VR had the whole normal speed replay feature, easily the best part of the original non-VR version of the game was trying to do awesome shit in slow motion so that once the level was completed you can see how cool it would look at normal speed
Comment from : GrifGraf

The window washing game is pane the glass
Comment from : Ugly_god_Tae

a tip for you brutal moose man. you can block bullets with your guns, and you can cut them midair with a knife
Comment from : AceRed

Ian i must ask, did you experience problems throwing things? The rift S controllers quite often stick the Throw button making it incredibly hard to throw, but in this video you seemed to be doing it with ease, this is my biggest pet peeve with the Rift S so I'd love to hear your opinion
Comment from : Dracothrope101

Maxwell_ Edison
Bruh this isn't a valve headset that's pretty cring
Comment from : Maxwell_ Edison

Everyone Else: "Plop"

Comment from : guitarpick2002

Shadowgate should get a port to VR.
Comment from : Frizzurd

I'm sorry Asgard's Wrath but there's no way that I'm having 130 GB devoted to a single game. That's absolutely ridiculous.
Comment from : Equ3strianGam3r

Austin Starke
Damn, I want one of these
Comment from : Austin Starke

Why is Jake Gyllenhaal playing games on VR?
Comment from : Sonaep

6:10 Visceral Cleanup Detail, VR edition
Comment from : InnocentDoodles

Got into this channel recently, glad you posted new stuff :D
Comment from : Spongyoshi

Its_Me_Romano _
You didn't even play VR chat
Comment from : Its_Me_Romano _

Conor O'brien
Bought one for Christmas and got to test it yesterday. Big Fan!
Comment from : Conor O'brien

Danielle Hylton
Your awesome! Soo entertaining. Love your editing. More vids with MJ, please. ❤
Comment from : Danielle Hylton

Meat Bag
Comment from : Meat Bag

Dusty OldBones
Its actually genius, two of the mandatory talking points they give you is 1."They didn't give me many talking points" and 2."They want my honest opinion".
Comment from : Dusty OldBones

Codey Cross
The only reason I'm willing to buy one right here!
Comment from : Codey Cross

Nick Gardner
Was waiting for Beat Saber to pop up on here. Would be fun to watch you play that.
Comment from : Nick Gardner

Brutal moose is succeeding at becoming Jeb from Mojang.
Comment from : Camman6972

Damaged Industries
I'll never buy or use hardware controlled by Facebook. It's too freaky and Zuckerberg is a douche.
Comment from : Damaged Industries

>rift s
Comment from : LinklickZ

Andrew B
The clapping is really played out. Enough already
Comment from : Andrew B

"big fan of vr" unsub
Comment from : burntyper

Lief Ericson
I got an add for oculus before this add for oculus, and let me just say
I still have no money, stop picking on me :(

Comment from : Lief Ericson

Emily Snowfall
Congrats! You managed to convince me lol hope you get your referral <3
Comment from : Emily Snowfall

Matthew Rease
Comment from : Matthew Rease

I can't believe you referenced Ocean Hunter!!! I was also obsessed with that game when I was a kid and it seems like no one else has ever heard of it!! Glad to hear I'm not the only fan! lol
Comment from : nocturnalnathan

Thank you for taking the risk and taping your eyes on the oculus. Otherwise I would have sit here mid video and being totally creeped out by a person with no eyes but a big black thing in their face instead.
Comment from : Jiamil

Matoro Zeliph
You got the Rift S same time that I did!
Comment from : Matoro Zeliph

I like the idea of VR but it's just not at a point yet where I am comfortable spending that much money on it. It's definitely something I am keeping an eye on though.
Comment from : MrHieco

Lana Jaggers
Accounting+ goes to a super dark place and super fast and now i'm uncomfy.
Comment from : Lana Jaggers

Chaos Insurgency
1 second into video SPONSORED BY /product/
Me oh no

Comment from : Chaos Insurgency

james shadowslash
you sliding in 2 times made me very uncomfortable
Comment from : james shadowslash

Jules Juno
that office space reminds me of pshome. Augh it wasnt much but it was a thing.
Comment from : Jules Juno

Chester Copperpoot
Tiny penis @ 14:25
Comment from : Chester Copperpoot

Is this the same as the twitter video?
Comment from : fullerSpectrum

carlos rodriguez
Brutalmoose try the vr job one or kfc vr game.
Comment from : carlos rodriguez

Nice outfit, you just get back from yoga?
Comment from : Tharus

Joey Sango
I bought an Oculus because it seemed cool and everyone seemed to have fun. Sadly it turns out i get motion sick from it super fast and pretty much can play more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time u_u. I hope this doesnt happen to anyone else who buys it because that's hella dissapointing
Comment from : Joey Sango

Idk about a VR game but the mini ramble about a window washing game threw me back to the days of the Playstation EyeToy games. The window washing minigame was my favourite.
Comment from : Banette

who else got an oculus ad?
Comment from : nakai

Invadar FNW
two words: Job Simulator

something tells me you'd enjoy the endless amount of screwing around you can do in the game xD

Comment from : Invadar FNW

geraldine woods
Should had played beat saber
Comment from : geraldine woods

Mathieu Leader
Virtual Pets you say who remembers plays CATZ ON WINDOWS 95
Comment from : Mathieu Leader

hey man, just curious, what computer do you use to run all that?

and if its custom made, what specific parts?

I would LOVE to get into vr myself and would love to have a hardcore computer to run all that haha

Comment from : MisterHapee

I love your queen shirt
Comment from : WeebRequiem

This made me buy one, oops.
Comment from : 92ospe11

Clip Clipperton
Seems like he's lost the passion for making videos. Thank you for all that you've shared with us.
Comment from : Clip Clipperton

i can't click your partner link in the description, it doesn't work :(
Comment from : crowheads

Comment from : gnova7

Love what Hozier does in his pasttime!
Comment from : Bee

calamari cryptid
I'm digging that floral shirt dude
Comment from : calamari cryptid

PSI Miami
Do you need a pc for it, I have a pc but it’s not that strong
Comment from : PSI Miami

Try the Valve Index
Comment from : PennPlays

Heartworn Fox
Don’t support Facebook holy shit no valve Index
Comment from : Heartworn Fox

Emilie Poirier
I’m a 21 years old woman and my head is rather small. It’s no noticeable, but I always use the smaller size when I wear a hat. My boyfriend has a vr headset and he measured the distance between my eyes so know the setting. Turns out I’m just below the minimum distance, so I can never have crisp visuals while playing vr :(
(We have HTC VIVE)

Comment from : Emilie Poirier

Can I connect this to my phone and play YouTube through my phone on the headset? I have metered wifi but unlimited data on my phone so my home internet isnt viable for YouTube, but I watch YouTube on my phone and would like to watch in vr
Comment from : wolfrig2000

Blakey Lakey
Like your editing style
Comment from : Blakey Lakey

See, stuff like that credits screen at the end of the video is why I love your stuff, Brutalmoose.
Comment from : Stathio

Spider Genius
Virtual boy
Comment from : Spider Genius

Bout damn time you talk about vr😂
Comment from : WillyVR

Flora L. Print
i feel you Ian i, too, would ogle the big beefy orc blacksmith extensively
Comment from : Flora L. Print

Coin Game would be perfect for VR.
Comment from : kagatoASUKA

Mr. Nickel
play pistol whip!!!
Comment from : Mr. Nickel

I'm not ready :( nooooo
Comment from : Aersla

Game : i expect you to die
Me : me too

Comment from : Fake

I've heard the rift s is kinda trashy like a bootlegged wmr headset
Comment from : XV

Pickle Otter
Looks like fun
And wow- a much more affordable price.
Would be much more likely to purchase one now.

Just worried about motion sickness. I can definitely get motion sick.

Comment from : Pickle Otter

6:04 House Flipper VR?
Comment from : thecosmicradiation

great vid! you should do more where you're just wandering around exploring literally anything...
Comment from : danholmesfilm

Micah Grizz
What chair do you use
Comment from : Micah Grizz

Yes, VR. Easily one of the most amazing examples of technology I've ever seen. I got to first test this technology in one of the largest amusement parks in my country. They had a horror theme for one weekend and me and my friends went to see it. They have an indoors roller coaster and made an enhanced experience with the help of the Vive VR headset and a scene they built. They utilized the headset only to track the visitor's head and basically made an immersive flying horror ride experience. It was awesome. They kept the headsets and use it still. The park pretty much bought the whole experience. They now also have more scenes to choose from. It's strange, it doesn't give you motion sickness because you're physically moving along with the scene. Anyways, I loved the experience and finally got the Oculus Rift Touch package, the predecessor to the Rift S. It works wonderfully, and is incredibly immersive. The games are awesome and work well. I highly recommend getting the Rift S (because the original Rift has been replaced) and trying it yourself. Be warned though: moving in virtual space while you are not physically moving will give motion sickness even to people who are otherwise immune to motion sickness, like myself.
Comment from : MrRedstone

Robot Lover
loved the comeback of the comforting eye mask xD
Comment from : Robot Lover

Jimmy Hogoboom
Your content is good and you should feel good.
Comment from : Jimmy Hogoboom

Justice Badilla
Ian, i have been watching all of your videos since i found your channel a couple month ago. Love your humor and the great editing that you do for you videos. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for hours and hours of entertainment!
Comment from : Justice Badilla

Andrew Sahurie
You should try the quest it is excellent
Comment from : Andrew Sahurie

not in sub box... only knew of this vid since it was recommended.. smh
Comment from : AWasteASpace

Yung Cazzy
Thats not new. Its not the Quest
Comment from : Yung Cazzy

4:00 that looks like a James Bond credit scene
Comment from : doctor5141999

Where do you get all this music?
Comment from : ScorpionGamer01

Nicolas Vermeersch
You are Really Neet BrutalMoose !
Comment from : Nicolas Vermeersch

frank cole
I love the video editing it's so random. I like his shirt too
Comment from : frank cole

I knew it was a sponsor but I feel it felt too 𝘴𝘱𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘥
Comment from : Avian

if you hit your hand in the game you hit your hand in real life
Comment from : MultiDarkZen

luke l
What a cool sponsor! I'm glad you got a free Rift out of it lol.

Seriously, though, this video was really cool, and just in time for HL Alyx.

Comment from : luke l

Aidan murphy
He needs to bring back Gerbert
Comment from : Aidan murphy

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