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GachaTeddy 69
Will I come to PS4 vr?
Comment from : GachaTeddy 69

looking towards the future where this is applied to PUBG
Comment from : Ignitus

Is anyone watching this after the game has released and is realising how much it has changed?
Comment from : TKNO In VR

Last Xx-samurai-xX
I swear three years from now we’re gonna all live in the matrix
Comment from : Last Xx-samurai-xX

DBD Dipsyisbae
omg. This is so weird to watch after the official release
Comment from : DBD Dipsyisbae

How does the controller know what fingers you're using?
Comment from : Tshepo

Todd Daugherty
Love you guys what’s your opinion on the best headset out right now with the best games?
Comment from : Todd Daugherty

Kunal Sarma
This is the MODERN method of practice for WW3
Comment from : Kunal Sarma

Dre Reyes
🗣🔥It must be the best type of fun to be working with you guys. Definitely I can say that your videos have given not only me but multiple gamers motivation & a awesome perspective. 💯👏
🤝 props to all of you.🤘
Keep the videos coming

Comment from : Dre Reyes

I prefer HaptX, but this is cool too as a low cost alternative.
Comment from : Juan

Like si hablas español y no entiendes lo que dicen 🙃
Comment from : HUGO TORRES

goku canfly
Why is full game missing this stuff
Comment from : goku canfly

Criticizer VR
It's weird hearing the music from the game in these older videos
Comment from : Criticizer VR

Melodica Dude
8:00 "you gotta make a climbing part"
And then they added the 5 minute snake eater ladder climb at the end of the game lol

Comment from : Melodica Dude

how do I play this part of the game like what u people are doing
Comment from : LamaPgaming

Can you use an oculus rift with valve index controller
Comment from : pyromana

Comment from : Eliel GAMES

wait how did they get different arms/clothing designs?
Comment from : AwesomeCrazyPro

Acapella Fella
They have a raid roach spray bottle in the background. Wow. Gross.
Comment from : Acapella Fella

Jeff Furlington
i turned up my volume the same time they did. perfect timing 2:10
Comment from : Jeff Furlington

josh g.
im gonna say it. i hated the climbing part because i fell numerous times after my damn hands were cramping from THE SHITTY VIVE CONTROLLERS BECAUSE IM TOO BROKE FOR INDEXES. thanks for the suggestion
Comment from : josh g.

Also Adam
Bone works ahead uh yeah I sure hope it does
Comment from : Also Adam

Stephen Riggle
Comment from : Stephen Riggle

Bruh Man from the 5th flo'!
As amazing as this is, its actually scary!
Comment from : Bruh Man from the 5th flo'!

wyjebane zc
Damn ... someone gives that man a medal
Comment from : wyjebane zc

The day when I get to weild a lightsaber and play cod and gta in vr 🙌🙌🙌
Comment from : Deckers

Grigore FX
That man really said "That spell in morrowind that makes you jump a little higher"
Comment from : Grigore FX

Loving it with Oculus Link.
Comment from : OneofInfinity

Adam Wiśniewski
Imagine alan wake or Max Payne in VR :)
Comment from : Adam Wiśniewski

How do you control someone? You control their sensory input.

Vision - achieved
Touch - achieved(via full body suit)
Sound - achieved
Taste - I’m sure there’s a system like RGB for video, yet to be discovered(revealed).
Smell - ditto

Your new reality will be what they want it to be.

Comment from : dontlistentome07

Nerds Playhouse
I’m fucking sold.
Buying Boneworks right now.

Comment from : Nerds Playhouse

Yik Long Tay
Hold on. When did this video hit 6+ million views? DId the views spiked after Boneworks released?
Comment from : Yik Long Tay

does this game work fine with the regular vive controllers?
Comment from : LeeSinDiamond

Sean Tame
Comment from : Sean Tame

János Kádár

Comment from : János Kádár

János Kádár
Comment from : János Kádár

That game is amazing
Comment from : _Shaey_

First Name Last Name
I hate how there are no female characters to shoot - onle men!!
Comment from : First Name Last Name

Can they develop a VR gloves
Comment from : NOT_ Ax

Dude imagine a fully immersed full-dive Pokemon game. I would literally never go back to reality xD
Comment from : Jaruno

Jayda Sagon
This is a cool game
Comment from : Jayda Sagon

Why don't you guys have the wireless headset addition for the HTC?
Comment from : TheFlanMan

Zed Amadeus
I didn't know Corridor knew these guys??
Comment from : Zed Amadeus

7:48 how high are u sam? (°)<
Comment from : Seelixh

Climbing in this build looks so much cleaner than the actual game
Comment from : dumwyteguy

Sonny Richey
VR is absolute shit
Comment from : Sonny Richey

And here we are
Comment from : ColdHand

I want to play a Tomb Raider type game with these VR physics
Comment from : VizioN-Scope

Lyn Charles
Are those...arms :O
Comment from : Lyn Charles

I wasn`t a fan of VR but guys I must say, i`m in, I`m surely in. My gamer soul cannot resist. this is definitely stunning. Keep do this forward and that mean for everyone doing VR content. Keep up the good work cause I want that as much as I wanted to get Sega Megadrive, first PC, PS4 or 4k TV. The craziness what you (we) can create in future.
Comment from : angelonewarrior

Jose Velez
I'm in love with this fucking soundtrack, holy shit
Comment from : Jose Velez

It’s out bois
Comment from : Hotpizzarolls3

Where can you get the VR equipment you guys are using??
Comment from : Daveys

Дмитрий Трифонов
It seems how will look HF: Alyx
Comment from : Дмитрий Трифонов

One more day!!!
Comment from : Foote

Hayden Rasnick
Everybody: Sam just acts like he doesn't care about the game.
Also Sam: Brandon I think you're underselling this.

Comment from : Hayden Rasnick

Juelly. Jucie Yamp
Is bone works only for occult’s
Comment from : Juelly. Jucie Yamp

wilder cerrate
Soooooooooooooo, portal 3 when?
Comment from : wilder cerrate

Niovenom 360
Jack septic eye NEEDS TO SEE THIS
Comment from : Niovenom 360

14:45 i just saw my whole life
Comment from : LewdKamisama

Joseph White
This looks absolutely amazing, I cant wait. However, it's obviously being written with the index in mind. I wounder how it will work with the Oculus Rift S. That is the headset I will be able to afford come tax time. A.K.A. Adult Christmas. lol
Comment from : Joseph White

Will Brigg
please make it so that if you punch with a finger extended it will mess up your finger and hurt you.
Comment from : Will Brigg

Lil pepe
is this game gonna be available on oculus quest?
Comment from : Lil pepe

lol pro 2 234
this is game for HTC vive yes?
Comment from : lol pro 2 234

basketball guru
Can you buy those vr controllers?
Comment from : basketball guru

wow! this is very nice!
Comment from : ツ.Mr.Mustafa.ツ

i just wish it was psvr compatible though...
i dont honestly see how it wouldnt be compatible.. i mean we have a lot of buttons on our controllers too... we dont need hand tracking either..

Comment from : yeahimsaiko

HL Alyx seems nice. But this game made me order the valve index.
Comment from : ugluwuglu

So when can I buy this?
Comment from : soulless

Mika Nuutinen
7 days!
Comment from : Mika Nuutinen

I'm saving up starting from today
Comment from : NERD FOR LIFE

Wish it was on quest
Comment from : KSO

Bobby Biship
Matrix VR
Comment from : Bobby Biship

Huuup Huuup
This would be amazing if it was A whole city and online.
Comment from : Huuup Huuup

Dan Globy
Oculus Quest?!??!?!?????
Comment from : Dan Globy

10 years from now

The world of Aincrad will be a possibility. 😍😍

Comment from : KoshiRedemption

Mike Karolenko
These assholes are stealing your content. You guys rock btw.


Comment from : Mike Karolenko

Vincenzo Luverà
Comment from : Vincenzo Luverà

fgfgfgf drtduud
1:54 so you keep them locked behind a steel door
Comment from : fgfgfgf drtduud

Captain Grizzly
you guys need to remaster alien isolation for VR. I'd shit my bricks if it had all these features.
Comment from : Captain Grizzly

Jayson Team
They gotta build left 4 dead on Vr will be the best game ever
Comment from : Jayson Team

This can be the gmod for VR and that's a huge deal
Comment from : KediT

Илья Cartman
what are these controllers?
Comment from : Илья Cartman

Comment from : LE_BurningBlood

what engine are they using?
Comment from : Tikka

0:05 So then i started blasting
Comment from : Seducci

Billy Weaver
Still janky and lots of clipping🤷🏻‍♀️
Comment from : Billy Weaver

How did I never realize these are the corridor guys
Comment from : CatGirlsAreBestGirls

Amazing this is amazing
Comment from : 1994BlackBear

LUKKY anims
It will be a good idea to add a weight increaser or decreaser to the controllers to make it feel more real
Comment from : LUKKY anims

Drew Alden
When will this come to the quest
Comment from : Drew Alden

Priest of Emroy
Do they also work with the Vive Pro?
Comment from : Priest of Emroy

Jason Cohen
They need to add force pull to 70% of the games out now. Some of the games are unplayable for me because i can't reach the objects on the ground.
Comment from : Jason Cohen

treasure portals
The alien world is here ... just wow !!!
Comment from : treasure portals

im only gonna ask once

is it coming to PSVR

Comment from : MrAussi

The Postal Dude
Will you release the engine?
Comment from : The Postal Dude

Mustyspoon7 Boi
This should be on psvr
Comment from : Mustyspoon7 Boi

What is the intro song? Did you guys compose it or can I find it somewhere? Kind of catchy
Comment from : senorballoon

Not Repiteren
please stop my wallet can't handle this
Comment from : Not Repiteren

was index out in march
Comment from : AttilahsTube

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