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Hermes The sarcastic motorrad
this is sad actually
Comment from : Hermes The sarcastic motorrad

Tsuyoshi Haru / Keny
She china man
Comment from : Tsuyoshi Haru / Keny

Yonggang Zhang
a red envelope is prepared for special occasions, the red envelope usually contains a certain amount of money (mostly ranging from 20 USD to 1000 USD depending on your own financial status and the closeness you are with the host ) when you go to that occasion, such like a baby birth, house warming, wedding, graduation and so on...and at this point, I can tell the game is not only using Chinese language, but also it must have been developed by Chinese---all these are typically Chinese tradition.
Comment from : Yonggang Zhang

Yonggang Zhang
dude, good game, but she's speaking Chinese, and more like a Taiwan accent of Chinese.
Comment from : Yonggang Zhang

Muhd Harith
i will not play this game while standing
Comment from : Muhd Harith

Aurora Bulat
Playing VR game in the VR game
Comment from : Aurora Bulat

All I'm seeing is weaboos with sticky hands..
Comment from : I.want.Your.skulls

Eric Kort
i watched this other video from another channel these dudes were playing this,they were getting there jollies sexualy molesting her,lol
Comment from : Eric Kort

she speaks Chinese,not Japanese,stupid?
Comment from : 巭孬嫑莪

Kirkpatrick Leuterio
She's speaking Chinese loll
Comment from : Kirkpatrick Leuterio

Easy Ezzington
"If this turns into one of those games I'm shutting it off".... The camera that is....
Comment from : Easy Ezzington

Bart De Reu
How could you not grab her boobs :-D
Comment from : Bart De Reu

Youngest God
Dead ass stepping right in the matrix
Comment from : Youngest God

Y Qisq
You were clearly excited when you said "I don't like this" lol
Comment from : Y Qisq

Stormy the puppy
Are you playing this game because your lonely?
Comment from : Stormy the puppy

Comment from : knotanexit

Jonafang K
so...what do u do with her when u r not streaming???
Comment from : Jonafang K

killer bee rohn
Thats chinese
Comment from : killer bee rohn

Ta Ma
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comment from : Ta Ma

Ruby Chavez
You are so funnny
Comment from : Ruby Chavez

Daryl Santos
This guy wants the hentai so bad!! 😆
Comment from : Daryl Santos

Cassandra Esteban
Hahahaha senpai
Comment from : Cassandra Esteban

Henchman Twenty1
The real fantasy is that your virtual waifu will clean your virtual apartment and do your virtual laundry while you sit on your virtual ass watching virtual porn. The good life.
Comment from : Henchman Twenty1

Lawrence Shu
dude, you're talking to the virtual Mei. That's something for you to think about.
Comment from : Lawrence Shu

Some (possible) back story: China is suffering from a serious lack of females right now, because of their stupid one-child policy they kept for so long. To the point they have whole villages with no women. It's sad, but kind of funny, because they did it to themselves, and it led to things like this.
Comment from : Dubby

The slayer
the future is scary.
Comment from : The slayer

Roger Szeto
Can already imagine people are going to play games last one who takes off the VR goggles
Comment from : Roger Szeto

Your wife is Chinese😂
Comment from : 杨超

She's Chinese ->-
Comment from : •Quirical•

adoy ybab
Is this game for psvr?
Comment from : adoy ybab

Roach Nigga
Who else was just looking at her tits the whole time
Comment from : Roach Nigga

Ryo Chan
Can you lewd her? 😂
Comment from : Ryo Chan

Christian Miel Dauz
He kinda sounds like stich
Comment from : Christian Miel Dauz

Marius B
you know you like it when she kisses you
Comment from : Marius B

You're so cute 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Game&Anime

16:03 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Game&Anime

J. Lietka
what kind or brand of VR headset are you using? the graphics, for this, seem pretty sharp. if you tossled her hair, what else can you, ah, handle?
Comment from : J. Lietka

Atsuko Mizushima
You're not gonna be a good husband if you don't close ur mouth
Comment from : Atsuko Mizushima

Atsuko Mizushima
She's Chinese man, I'm disappointed in you😂
Comment from : Atsuko Mizushima

Eric Weiser
It's an "Inception" lol😆
Comment from : Eric Weiser

Tukang Rebahan
Cocok nih buat yang jomblo
Comment from : Tukang Rebahan

Sinvr !!!!!
Comment from : SHAGGY -OW

Evil Koala
Youre talking to her like she's your wife lol
This guy is secretly enjoying the game

Comment from : Evil Koala

AleXiz Luna
Is that a banana? Or are you really happy to see us?
Comment from : AleXiz Luna

When you finally have a gf but you don't know how to feel about it 13:40
Comment from : John

Hated by the World
This will kill conventional pornography, and introduce VR pornography
Comment from : Hated by the World

Joseph edmunds
Austin powers when are you gone kiss her
Comment from : Joseph edmunds

this is chinese dumb ass
Comment from : Erizzo

This shit is sad.. What the hell people? Get out of your parents basement and go talk to a real woman in the real world..
Comment from : Existential8Nihilism

Why am i laughing at the things that are happening in the game. This is very entertaining man. nice video!
Comment from : RunawayOrange

Is this content for kids
Comment from : KEEVVY

I would beat the shit out of her if i was playing lol
Comment from : SMOK3LOC 73

Hayward Bomaye
My son plays this all the time and i know why now🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Hayward Bomaye

Steam Gruppe
Comment from : Steam Gruppe

Maçã Verde
Just asking, can you kill someone in VR?
Comment from : Maçã Verde

Maçã Verde
Why is your Japanese waifu speaking Mandarin?
Comment from : Maçã Verde

Actually it's come from Taiwan
Comment from : SlipKnotL0ver

3:25 R.I.P
Comment from : Bom

U know with the darks, u can walk up to the dark board and just stick it to the middle, u could also use a book to block her darts
Comment from : DIAMONDORM

4:24 great physics, I bet dare will be a lot of sticky controllers...... mmmmmmm yes
Comment from : Dar1ngOne

Damian Biggers
disapointing. i was expecting a bit dirtier. i not weird but was expecring something different.
Comment from : Damian Biggers

What if you dropped the black bean in between her tits? Now what?
Comment from : flownet07

P. S.
VR in VR. The Matrix has you.
Comment from : P. S.

Robert Ebersold
I have a feeling that this is the "preview game" for another game they want you to buy later (that takes place "tonight"....).
Comment from : Robert Ebersold

Nichole Lette
so more talkative , so shaking, just stop say something just play it
Comment from : Nichole Lette

Y. SoL
Comment from : Y. SoL

Atov Zidansky
I like the waifu from Japanese talking Chinese
Comment from : Atov Zidansky

XuanYi Bao
Comment from : XuanYi Bao

Elsie Garcia
Where did you get the game?
Comment from : Elsie Garcia

Finnian Reilly
Doesn't know tbe difference between Mandarin and Japanese
Comment from : Finnian Reilly

syahirahu 01
Comment from : syahirahu 01

Rain Feelz
Japanese is spelt wrong in the title.
Comment from : Rain Feelz

Love Vito
Lol not native to Chinese and this is Obviously Chinese it's ez
Comment from : Love Vito

Incorrect use of the term waifu, normie.
Comment from : 9_Bucks

Comment from : Anonymous

Touches her hair then doesn't try to touch her boobs - this guy's an alien. Case closed.
Comment from : gadgetsage

lord cobi
This is so amazing who needs lame real women when u got this
Comment from : lord cobi

grisnely _gscha
“What is going playing vr in vr “ 😂
Comment from : grisnely _gscha

Dark Sammy
That is not a Japanese game she is speaking Mandarin means it is Chinese get the country ride she look Japanese doesn't mean she's Japanese listen to the language right before you say anything you dumb fool
Comment from : Dark Sammy

Marcy Fernandez
Comment from : Marcy Fernandez

2D life
Its chinese
Comment from : 2D life

Tung Hoang
Damn it man, I feel the end of the world is near ...
Comment from : Tung Hoang

Peter Shuttleworth
Clearly chinese not japanese, i guess they all sound the same to you?
Comment from : Peter Shuttleworth

DeMariauna DeLatte
This is actually Chinese not Japanese
Comment from : DeMariauna DeLatte

kimi uchiha
I just want to know if u can grope her bobs
Comment from : kimi uchiha

Origin_ Chase
Those jiggle physics tho
Comment from : Origin_ Chase

They should know you!!!!! (Bonk)
Comment from : Christina

Did he just say annyeonghasseyo
Comment from : Joosh

Nick Kinny
she is speaking Chinese not Japanese😂
Comment from : Nick Kinny

Bolshevik Cosmonaut
Jesus. She looks way too young to be a waifu. For fuck sake. VR games like this need big tiddy MILFs not underaged teens.
Comment from : Bolshevik Cosmonaut

Yuusuf Jimmy
Man he is really talking to her like for real
Comment from : Yuusuf Jimmy

Mitchell Family
Comment from : Mitchell Family

Dylan Yt
Can we just delete the human race
Comment from : Dylan Yt

sapnu puas
That's Chinese duh
Comment from : sapnu puas

Anthony Munoz
Comment from : Anthony Munoz

juice ginner
Id love to see the uncut version of this vid 😅
Comment from : juice ginner

jenny green
I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself 🤣
Comment from : jenny green

How to find a girlfriend

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Comment from : How to find a girlfriend

How to find a girlfriend

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Comment from : How to find a girlfriend

How to find a girlfriend

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Comment from : How to find a girlfriend

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